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  1. hazelbite - I HATE theory. I do literature. But lately it is really hard to publish without a recognizably theoretical framework for your argument. Ergo, I am doing enough theory to publish my thinking. I think a lot of us are in that particular boat...
  2. If you check my blog here at gradcafe, I posted my SOP in its many forms and explained what was wrong with each of the earlier versions and what worked on the final one:
  3. OK, well then we will give it a try and see what blogging the first year here looks like. If it gets overwhelming or no one seems to really want to read about it, I'll just scale back to maintaining my regular blog; worth a try if it will help/encourage/entertain anyone.
  4. Nobody here but us Lit Majors trying to figure out this theory thing! lol At least it's postcolonialism, which makes some sense. Poststructuralism, anyone?
  5. Yes, FINALLY starting. I got a clean bill of health in May - remission, Baby! I can toss out some titles, although I think many/most are more from the late 20th century - still, it's a start, right? lol the Empire Writes Back Ahmad, In Theory Anderson, Imagined Communities Bhabha, The Location of Culture Chakrabarty, Provincializing Europe Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth Gilroy, The Black Atlantic Said, Orientalism Lunsford and Ouzgane, Crossing Borderlands Spivak, A Critique of Postcolonial Reason Sinha Animal's People Coetzee Disgrace Ondaatje's Anil's Ghost. Seth, A
  6. Grades matter for funding, but you generally have to maintain a "B" average. A "B+" is a 3.3 at your institution, so as long as your other grades are "A"s I would not worry too much about that aspect of your situation. What I would do, especially since you seem to be a little upset by this grade, is to go in and speak with the professor. The conversation should not be a "why did I only get a B+" or a "comparison of this B+ to all my other A grades" sort of deal, but rather, "can you tell me a little about what you see as my weaknesses as a student, and maybe give me some pointers to improve
  7. My current work email includes my name, most recent degree, position and school, which provides credential snapshots - I use it for conference activity, abstract submission, and other scholarly activity, and also college admissions stuff (I teach at a high school) along with the requisite 79-word disclaimer message. My personal email includes my favorite quote du jour and a link to my blog, since I'm also a writer. I love quotes, unlike the folks above me. My university email will include my immediate contact information, modeled on the signatures of the professors on all the listservs I belo
  8. Hey, gradcafe! I'm pulling a King Arthur move showing up after so long, but nice to pop in and see you good folks! :o)

  9. OK, I lied. I actually start TA orientation on August 6. FINALLY! What a long, strange journey this has been. First, the application season-that-wasn't. Then, the application season that ended in a fully-funded offer from a perfect-fit school. Followed almost immediately by the cancer diagnosis. Followed by the year of chemo and radiation. Followed (most thankfully) by remission. And now, after a full decade of starts and stops, I'm finally doing this. I've given notice at the school I've been teaching at for the past decade. I'm registered for classes. I have my funding package. We'r
  10. I'm reading the books on my Postcolonialisms syllabus, and the texts for the comp TAs, to get a head start on the semester. I'm also working on Latin, Welsh, and Old Norse Icelandic, reading several titles in Arthuriana, and working on two articles I'm submitting in July and August, respectively. And teaching full time, 6 classes a day. Never a dull moment!
  11. I have a professor who did a double PhD in English and Writing, so it isn't entirely unheard of - although it is a LOT of work. I would check with the departments you are applying to to see what their particular regulations are.
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