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  1. contretemps

    Chem GRE's and Applying Early???

    A quick e-mail to the schools with early deadlines won't hurt.
  2. contretemps

    Conundrum: Retake the GRE?

  3. contretemps

    Lab Coats / Lab Gowns

    Oh, so it's supposed to be free? I didn't know that. haha. Thanks!
  4. contretemps

    Lab Coats / Lab Gowns

    I was wondering where new students buy their lab coats. Is it issued by the school or do you buy it online? Obviously I would want to buy a new lab coat for when I start research in the summer. Do you have any suggestions about the material, etc.? This blog seems informative: http://blog.chembark.com/2010/09/21/buying-a-lab-coat/ But I wanted to know what you guys think.
  5. Yeah, pretty much had the same experience. The only difference was I was the one making all the noise (my keyboard was so noisy!).
  6. contretemps

    order of submitting app materials

    I think it depends on the school. One school I applied to, I sent my IELTS test score in August and apparently you need to have an online application first so that they can track it. I ended up resending it in December.
  7. contretemps

    TOEFL 2-year validity

    e-mail the schools/programs directly.
  8. contretemps

    iPad as a netbook/travelling laptop?

    I'm convinced. I'm buying one later.
  9. I am starting research first week of July, and I've also made housing arrangements. They only started processing my I-20 last week! *panic mode on*
  10. contretemps

    what was your success rate?

    60% (3 out of 5 PhD programs) Last year obviously it was 0%, but that was for MS Programs.
  11. contretemps

    Great grades and assets, but lousy undergrad school

  12. yup, same here! no word yet about the I-20. I keep on asking them and they always say it's too early. I'm actually leaving by first week of August because I still have English classes for International TAs. I'll just trust that they know what their doing; I've been too stressed panicking about this for days!
  13. contretemps

    How do you get over bad teaching days?

    Haha, I didn't realize I repeated what Andsowego said.
  14. contretemps

    How do you get over bad teaching days?

    ME TOO! I love tea! OnT: In my case, I experiment on different teaching styles for every class and see where they respond best. If I have a bad teaching day now, I'll try a different approach the next time.
  15. contretemps

    What's the story behind your avatar or username?

    I was studying French last year while reviewing GRE vocabulary words. Somehow, this was the only word that I remembered, LOL.

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