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  1. Thanks! Still waiting to hear from them. So frustrating but they gave me a firm date of 23 April as to when they'd be able to inform me.
  2. Unbelievably I was told I'd have to wait until the 20th to determine what my letter means!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe it. Could someone please let me know what their letter said and how they interpreted it? I'm going out of my mind here...!!
  3. I have phoned them already!!! I was on hold for so long, and living in London its difficult to schedule something at a reasonable time! Still waiting on my several emails.. This sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Has anyone else got a full scholarship or any aid from Elliott? How was it phrased in terms of the language? Every other school simply noted, my aid application was assessed and I've been awarded $$$!!! Dont know what this is about! So frustrating!!!!!!!!! I dont really want to post the mail in case its something specific to me, if that makes sense!
  5. I was admitted to Elliott but disappointed to not get any aid. I emailed them pleading my case and got a generic email back about how they will review my case. Since then, I have received an email indicating, well at least to me, that I've been awarded additional aid. No amount was noted but the letter also said that they award full scholarships to a small amount of students and that I should consider myself lucky to get some money!!!!!!!!! Naturally I am excited but confused. Was I awarded a s full scholarship or not? Of course, I have emailed admissions to clarify but I dont think I'll b
  6. Thanks and congrats! How did you negotiate with SIPA and Fletcher? Did you phone? I PMed you.
  7. NOthing specific but definitely post your thoughts on the admitted forum. I'm heading up sometime int he next few weeks.
  8. I'm either SAIS or Fletcher. Still debating. I guess I will figure it out further once i come back from open days
  9. Wandering the same thing. I would assume no later then perhaps this week... anyone want to chime in here?
  10. Hey Dani, would be grateful if you could post your thoughts on the admitted day forum I posted! Will be a massive help as I cannot make it to the open day as I have SAIS, GWU and Yale to attend!!!!
  11. Thanks but the website has been down lately! I guess loads of people were thinking the same thing
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