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  1. I know I've already said it, but I'd like to reiterate my gratitude for those who have demonstrated understanding for my situation, and especially to those who, even if they think I took longer than they might have, have not used this incident as a justification to personally attack my character or publically harangue me. You certainly didn't have to put yourself out there to defend me or de-escalate the situation, and I truly appreciate your kindness in doing so. People can get carried away with the anonymity of the internet, and sometimes we have to remind ourselves that we are speaking to a
  2. SIPA does know about the double deposit. When I spoke with their admissions office about my fellowship offer, one of the things we discussed was my funding offer from Fletcher and the fact I had already made a depost. As Damis pointed out, these things happen each year and schools have mechanisms for dealing with it. In fact, one of the things they mentioned at Fletcher's open house is that admitted students aren't granted access to most Fletcher resources (such as career listings and internship databases) until after matriculating, as not all admits who make deposits end up attending in the f
  3. Excuse me, I had 10 days to decide before the final decision for both schools. That was a genuine mistake on which week I got the SIPA funding offer. But everything else is still correct, including the fact I'd like to give myself one full month to decide. I still think one month is a reasonable amount of time and I disagree with you on the magnitude of this decision. Additionally, since I had already paid the deposit to Fletcher before the SIPA funding decision, I would have absolutely no choice but to pay two deposits should SIPA be my ultimate choice. That fact would remain even if I ha
  4. Thanks so much, Denisse! I've seen you post on the google group. I'll definitely PM you for some info. I appreciate your understanding and your offer to help inform my decision.
  5. I'm sorry I disgust you as a possible classmate, be sure I wont bother you trying to friends... However, I certainly didn't have plenty of time to make a decision. SIPA gave me 5 days to make a decision. Yes, I had looked into SIPA enough to know I wanted to apply and researched them while waiting for their decision, but getting no funding from SIPA initially was tantamount to a rejection. As such, I wrote SIPA off. I committed mentally and fiscally to Fletcher at that point and didn't attend any of SIPA's admitted student events, nor did I look into the admitted student resources, nor did
  6. Wow! Okay, first, let me just say that I agree that tying up funding is a pretty selfish thing to do, and that's why there are earlier deadlines for those who receive funding...after which the school can reallocate funding to alternate students should someone turn down their offer. However, as one of these second-round funding recipients at SIPA, I had actually already paid my non-refundable deposit to Fletcher BEFORE I found out about my SIPA funding. After being notified of my SIPA fellowship, I only had 5 days before their deadline, which simply was not enough time to make a decision, e
  7. hahahaha...it appears I've been caught red-handed. I think I did, in fact, change my mind. I was apprehensive to share as I'm a little embarraassed by my indecision and I'm pretty sure everyone is probably as over this decision as I am. I'm still not 100%...I paid both non-refundable deposits...but I'm heavily leaning SIPA. After I mentally committed to Fletcher a few weeks ago, I found that following through with it (i.e. telling SIPA's admissions office I wouldn't be attending) was really difficult. I was kind of bummed about my decision to turn down SIPA, and realized that, even if
  8. You should do it at your local community college, as you'll get the in-state tuition rate. I live in VA, so I went to Norther Virginia Community College for my classes.
  9. I didn't take macro or micro in undergrad. I didn't have to for my degree and they were known in my school as GPA killers. When applying for grad school, I saw many schools, as you said, either required them or suggested them, along with emphasizing overall quantitative skills. I took macro and micro online through a community college. They were a breeze, but I actually did learn a few things, and know it's fresh in my head for the fall. Even though the class was online, I didn't have any trouble getting my credits accepted. I also thinking being proactive and taking these courses prior to
  10. Decision day was Wednesday, at which point I wasn't really ready to make a decision, so I paid my deposit at SIPA knowing that over the next few days I might change my mind. I figured that money was a drop in the bucket compared to what I'll take on at either school and it will afford me more time to figure out what I want to do, thus giving me more peace of mind in my decision. After 2 days of sleepless nights, lots of pros and cons lists, scouring course listings and trying to map at my two years at each school, and countless conversations with friends and friends of friends who attended
  11. Hahaha. Beyond true. I'm not great at GRE/SAT like tests in general. I got a 160 on verbal and a 155 on quant. I actually only got a 4.5 on my essays, but that is because, in my moment of test panick, I didn't fully read the directions and I wrote the wrong type essay to one of my prompts. I did two essays on criticizing an argument and failed to write my own argument for one of the prompts.... Anyway, I got into all the schools to which I applied and received $19K/year from Fletcher and $15k for one year from SIPA, so they must have saw something beyond my GRE scores. My GPA at George
  12. Decision time today...by midnight. I honestly haven't fully committed to either school yet. SIPA definitely offers more classes in my area of interest, to the point of me not being able to decide and wanting to take 4 years worth of courses. However, they have a lot more requirements than Fletcher, and fitting in the classes I want to take around core classes is pretty difficult. I do like the hard skills I'll be forced to learn by taking some of these core classes, but I wish it was a bit more flexible. Additionally, because of said requirements, I think it might be nearly impossible to l
  13. Fair. I did take as fact that I will be granted at least the 22K that 70% of second year students receive. I was told by the office of financial aid that, as they only give 1st year funding to less than 10% of students, it was almost a certainty I would receive at least the 22K, and likely more. And besides the TAship, they also offer 5K meritt based scholarships each semester. Additionally, at Fletcher I planned to keep my car, whereas I would sell it if I went to NYC. Lastly, I would live in Harlem were I to attend SIPA, and the rent is pretty much the same as in Davis Square, although overa
  14. also...no idea what is going on with my font up there. Sorry for the little letters
  15. I realize the hard factors are very important, and certainly agree the soft factors should be a secondary consideration. That said, here are the hard factors I'm considering: SIPA will cost me between 55,000-80,000. The average SIPA grad has 70-80K in loan debt Fletcher will cost me between 63,000-80,000 (more likely to be on the cheaper end of the spectrum and more likely to be cheaper than SIPA, as there are less variables factoring into the range for Fletcher than for SIPA) SIPA offers far more classes in my specific areas of interest (state building in developing countries and third
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