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  1. @MA_SAIS_2014 Same exact situation. Bologna is the only place that offers European Studies and it is really good. Given that I have a European background and interest it will probably be my choice. However, the IR general is also really good - it is after all what the school specializes in. It all depends on what you want to do - given your IDEV selection and World Bank (and the like) aspirations, however non-concrete, it seems like a regional specialization might make sense. From what I've heard the LatAm and Caribbean specialization at SAIS is phenomenal. The European Studies one i
  2. martinet25 - I have only applied to SAIS and SIPA. I know many people at both schools quite well and have spent considerable time visiting and attending classes. I think the IDEV program at SAIS beats pretty much everything at SIPA, especially if you actually want to do international development or work at WB / IFC. SIPA gets a bad rep because it's super large and, as part of sprawling CU, SIPA students sometimes feel overlooked relative to CBS, Law School and J-School students whose respective schools are at the top of their fields. That being said, the IFEP program at SIPA is just a
  3. Also got admitted into SAIS Bologna! Not IDEV though - not disappointed since I do not consider myself a "development professional" and it would not be my focus. @hedong123 - my financial aid letter said that I should submit the form by March 24th to become eligible for aid. They said that they would come back to me on aid info within two weeks after 3/24. I had not submitted the form because I could not get parents' info - not sure why they need that as we are all adults and hopefully most have also been employed for some time! @greenapplesea - do you happen to know if SAIS has a du
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