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  1. @nolye05: Thanks for taking time out to answer questions. I have made the 1000 dollar deposit for SIPA ,but I haven't as yet received any intimation from admissions regarding I-20 ( financial certification for visa) and all other formalities. I am not worried given the last date for accepting offers is 1 may, and after that admissions may start their due processes. any thoughts.
  2. just rejected MPP offer at MSSP. Hope it opens up admissions funding for others.
  3. Hi, Next week there will be open house events for SAIS and SIPA. As an international student, I wont be able able to attend the any of the open houses. If any of the forum members who will attend the events and will be kind enough to review the events, it would really be great and to the benefit of the all the new admits who might not make it. I am personally interested in SAIS - IDEV concentration and SIPA -MPA . Though I have researched a lot about the programs , it is nothing like getting a sense from ground zero. thanks in advance
  4. martinet25


    I can only guess that IDEV concentration admissions looks for people with international experience and prior development work experience, limiting the number of students . Of course, you will come across rare cases that straight out of undergrad people getting admitted to IDEV. Perhaps a current SAIS student might be better placed to dole out any advise.
  5. @ are we there yet : I read a post of yours above in which you advised that if SAIS IDEV is offering you money one should take it given you are holding a zero money offer from SIPA. I am in a situation in which I have to decide between MA IDEV (SAIS) and MPA (SIPA) both with zero funding.You emphasized on the Quant heavy aspect of SAIS IDEV; Is SIPA MPA not as rigorous as SAIS IDEV? Though I am pretty comfortable with quant work ,given I have a bachelors and masters in economics, I am worried that a less rigorous program might hurt my prospects in the job market. I was earlier working in investment banking , and I don't want to go back to it. After graduation, I want to work in international development through multilateral route or development consulting. Please advise on how to choose between the two programs.
  6. @samiam : did you get one of those named fellowships?
  7. accepted to the MPA program. Regrading funding, On this forum it seems that MIA people have heard on funding. Any MPA or MPA-DP guys given any funding? Also the letter says that in the next few weeks you will hear about aid- so there is still a chance for funding opportunities.
  8. @tribesdude: Thanks a ton. The aid amount is 15K per year.
  9. @tribesdude: Thanks for the information. I am torn between attending MA IDEV SAIS (NO $$) and MPP MSPP ($$). Though I have posted this question in this forum before, I have never found a response from a current student at MSPP. Given both are in DC (WB, IFC), I doubt there will be any difference in networking opportunities available (I want to work in international development after graduation). Given my degree will be 15K lighter at MSPP,will it be wise to pay the full price of SAIS degree. Basically is there a sea of difference between the two so as to choose one over the another given MSPP is offering funding opportunity. Could you please shed some light on deciding between SAIS and MSPP? Thanks in advance
  10. @Bunsen: you received aid for the washington program?
  11. Hi all, I have been accepted to MA IDEV (SAIS) and MPP (MSPP). Waiting for SIPA (MPA) decision. In all probability, I will be attending SAIS given I receive some aid. Though SIPA decision hasn't arrived but from what I have gathered about SIPA by speaking with present and former students they are not satisfied. If any current SAIS, MSPP ,and SIPA students can chime in and present a perspective it would really be helpful.
  12. Thanks for the info. But clearly these numbers pool various specializations, I am looking specifically for IDEV. Thanks anyway
  13. I couldn't find much on the admitted student website about the IDEV class profile, class size etc. Though I browsed thorough a PDF of IDEV requirements chart. Anybody got any info on class profile, class size of the DC campus
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