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  1. Hi guys, I am fortunate to be accepted to these two programs but I have a hard time deciding. How does MPA/ID and SAIS IDEV compare in terms of quality, alumni network, and career prospects? I want to work in development consulting or IFIs after graduation. At SAIS, I received 35k funding/year. I have some savings so I can graduate with relatively little debt. I plan on taking the development economics track (which seems to be quant-heavy, but likely not as rigorous as the MPA/ID program). I know MPA/ID is a great program but the problem is the lack of funding (around 10k/year, I tried negotiating already but to no avail). However, the Harvard brand might open more doors for me if I decide to work in Asia later on. I guess my question is: Is MPA/ID worth the extra $$? I am interested to hear what you guys think, thanks!
  2. Yes, I am a CAPP applicant also and I see no changes to my page. Perhaps it only applies to MPP applicants and the release date for our decisions might be a bit later than MPP students?
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