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  1. Awesome! Is it OK if I DM you? Would love to hear your thoughts!
  2. Is anyone considering turning down HKS for Harris?
  3. Does anyone know if Harris uses the cohort model for core classes? Also, how do people feel about Harris' rapid growth? It seems like they've been slow to scale up student support services, especially career services. I'm concerned that I won't get as much individualized or in-depth attention from support services at Harris v. other programs I'm considering.
  4. Same here. Congrats everyone!
  5. I'm also waiting for Ford. Good luck to everyone!
  6. Wow it's almost like a mind meld happening on GC! I also really love Harris. I went to admitted students day and was really impressed across the board. At this point, private sector employment is my goal for at least a few years after graduation and agree that Harris seems to be strong in that regard. I also live in NY and want to come back here after grad school. Harris seems to be pretty good at NYC placement for a non-NYC program compared to other schools I've gotten into, Sanford especially. I want to get a rigorous quantitate experience at grad school, and Harris definitely looks like they can provide that. My only complaint is that the class size might be a little big. Re: Wagner - I also don't love the percentage of full-time v. other students as well as the lack of a campus. I'm realizing I want an immersive academic experience, and I don't think Wagner can provide that. They also didn't give me any funding and, at least for me, Wagner seems to be too expensive when considering the cost of living in the city. For GSPP - I'm worried it won't do as much for me since I know I want to come back to the East Coast after graduating. That being said, I love the size as well. I also like that the core courses are more diverse than Harris (less straight quant with classes like "Law and Public Policy"). I think I'm going to try to make it out there for admitted students day to get a better sense of it is right for me. I'm still waiting on a few more schools though, so we'll see how I feel at the end of next week!
  7. Where do you think you'll go instead? We got accepted to several of the same programs (Harris, NYU, GSPP) and I'm also waiting to hear back from WWS. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the decision making process, if you feel comfortable sharing.
  8. Does anyone know when we're supposed to hear back? I'm hoping today/tomorrow because that qualifies as "early March" as noted in their most recent blog post...
  9. MPP candidate here. I also got assigned a counselor. Different initials than @brown queer. Not sure we should take this as a sign though.
  10. I'm also in with funding! Is anyone planning on going to the Open House?
  11. Nothing has changed for me either. Not feeling great about this now.
  12. I just got a reminder email because I neglected to create my account when I got the first email. The email I got today had this at the bottom: Disclaimer: Receipt of this email should not be construed as providing any information on your likelihood of admission.
  13. I’m in as well! Congrats to everyone!!
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