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  1. Accepted to the MPP program. I am so honored and surprised. I’ve been putting off grad school for a few years, and have endured hundreds of conversations with my parents asking me what I was doing with my life when I went into AmeriCorps and chose to work in nonprofits. I went through this application process quietly and didn’t tell anyone in my life other than my SO and recommenders. Guess I have big news to share...
  2. This won't tell you if you've been admitted or not, but in case some clarity about the notification process provides you with some comfort, I figured I would offer this info: I received an email that directed me to: appstatus.grad.ucla.edu, where I typed in my email address. The email included a password that I used to log in, and my letter was accessible through that site. Unfortunately, the system is smart enough not to send you a password if you press the "retrieve" button, but haven't received a decision email yet. As an aside, the timing of the email was peculiar. I received it at a very early hour of the morning in my time zone, and also an early hour Los Angeles time (i.e. at a time when nobody is at work, unless they are a serious insomniac/workaholic). At this point I haven't heard any info from the financial aid office about an award, but my admit letter said that I would hear from them (no timeline included). The letter didn't come directly from Luskin, but just the general UCLA Graduate Division.
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