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  1. I got the email last Friday I believe, no aid which was pretty surprising! Why does it make the decision tougher for you @PolicyHopeful2018?
  2. Do schools improve funding offers after you've made a commitment to them? How often/likely is this and which schools if any are known to do this?
  3. Similar thoughts as yours. Let's chat on private message
  4. Me. What are your thoughts on the program - are you an international student?
  5. Has anyone negotiated aid at SAIS - what is the process and outcome? Do they have a form similar to the other unis? Has anyone had luck with more money? Thanks!
  6. OP, I wanted to jump in to say that I'm in the same position, not in terms of those exact choices, but debating the question of whether I should follow the prestige, pay the money and risk not getting a job in US (more realistically, getting a job but not being able to stay because of visa), or getting something that pays so little (40-50k) that its impossible to save up (at least in a city like NYC) and pay back hefty loans. OR to forget the prestige and not pay the money, keep your options open for a degree with higher ROI (MBA) if you're up for it later, but then risk not getting a pre
  7. Finances! I've applied to a couple of external scholarships, the results of which I'll only know after all the deposit deadlines. Plus I've requested additional funding from my top schools which may come in after the deposit deadline of other schools. I don't want to lose a place at my top school and later receive all this scholarship money that could've been used. Alternatively, I am OK not going there if I do not get aid from any avenue which is also a realistic scenario.
  8. Hey, I got the result via email and eventually snail mail. Yeah I don't mind that it's econ heavy - I have an econ background and generally feel that having those technical skills serve you well no matter the career path. My biggest hesitation at this point is the recognition. I am an international student so I know for sure that the college is not recognized outside of the US. Having said that however, I am just not willing to spend $100k+ on a degree that is not guaranteed to get me a job in which I earn that amount straight out of college. You are definitely not alone. I am h
  9. Hm, that's all right ($1000 is nothing compared to the tuition fees of these colleges :p) but I'm concerned about those forms that ask you to sign your name confirming that you are not paying a deposit elsewhere or deferring. Is it legal to sign your name against this while actually putting down a deposit elsewhere?
  10. Anyone planning to catch the back to back Fltcher-SIPA-SAIS open houses? How are you planning to travel from NYC on 10th evening post 8:30 pm and reach SAIS before 11th 8:30 a.m?
  11. Now that you mention this, I've not actually spoken to people who have the jobs I want. I've only spoken to alums of each of my schools..
  12. I have the same regrets as you! Didn't apply for HKS thinking I have no chance, but looking back, should've given it a shot. Didn't apply to Yale because of how new the program was, fearing lack of alumni connections, however its possible that I would've received good funding if accepted. Oh well, what's done is done.
  13. Could you please send the link for that form?
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