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  1. DECISIONS UP, not emailed yet! In with some funding, so excited. Future people looking at this thread, don't worry if you didn't get the application update email.
  2. Decisions are coming out this evening everyone! Good luck. http://sites.tufts.edu/fletcheradmissions/2018/03/13/swirling-snow-work-continues-apace/
  3. Yes, that was just a misnamed newsletter. Separate from and prior to that though, there were the individualized emails from adcom thanking applicants mentioning specific points of their application ("we enjoyed reading about your xyz"). That's the one I never received, but hey, maybe it's not the kiss of death!
  4. In!! Nothing about funding here either.
  5. Hi! I wish I could tell you more specifically what it said, but I didn't receive one. If you look at this thread, you'll see some applicants received personalized emails in February regarding their applications. There's no clear indication that this means admission (or that not receiving one means rejection; it's possible that they send the emails to only a subset of high priority accepted applicants), so interpret that however you will.
  6. Red wine and reality television.
  7. Oh cool, I'll continue anxiously staring at my inbox for another week straight... Thanks for that heads up! All the best to you as well.
  8. Has anyone been in touch with their office regarding decision day? Not expecting positive news (my biggest reach, and I didn't get that personalized email in February) but I'm anxious for it. Seems like it was March 10 last year so I'm hoping for Friday this year, can anyone confirm?
  9. Update from me: since receiving admission, I've had really positive correspondences with Brown around program information and financial support. I look forward to meeting on Admitted Students' Day!
  10. In as well, eager to hear about funding. For those of you who didn't get the news you were looking for today: sending lots of positivity your way. Lots of different roads to beautiful places!
  11. Received today's emails, but not the personalized one.
  12. A little worried since I haven't heard anything yet (submitted Dec 15). Were all of you notified first via email/the online portal? I'm an American living abroad, hoping the delay is a result of snail-mail and not rejection!
  13. I see the envelope too. Good luck everyone.
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