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  1. There's straight up mutiny going on under "creative writing," haha. People are getting in fights. Someone has done the Spongebob meme (WhEn YouR tExT iS LikE ThiS) without the actual meme. It's insanity there. I don't mind minor questions, but this is next level, lol.
  2. Yeah, me too. I was pretty bummed about this one. I loved the sounds of their program. But the rejection email was very kind and genuine, which I appreciated. Now just waiting to be rejected by Boston University and Purdue, lol.
  3. Yes, I believe that is what I saw! I also thought it seemed weird, but hey, maybe they got a killer additional scholarship, lol. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Hoping and praying it is a glitch! Fingers crossed. Good luck on your application!
  4. I think a better fit will benefit you academically and professionally in the long run, and that is likely the choice I would make. However, I, too, am a person who loves to be closer to home to be near my family. I currently live about eight hours away, and there are days I really hate the distance. But I have adapted to it. It really depends on what you value more and think will benefit you more down the road. If you will be absolutely miserable farther away and it will impact your mental health and studies, then choose the closer option. If you are just a little nervous about the change but think you can handle it, pick the better fit.
  5. No, radio silence. I emailed on March 6, asking if a status update were possible or if they knew the rough timeline. I was told that they were hoping to finalize and communicate decisions by the end of March. I don't know how to feel about Guelph. Didn't they notify some poetry peeps already? I'm getting very anxious. Want to believe this means we're all still in the running for fiction, but can't help but be a bit negative at this point. Ugh... I really love their program.
  6. Moving to Orlando and working as a Disney World photographer, and I'm only like half joking. If I can't follow my dreams in real life, I will relocate to a place where the illusion of dreams at least exists, haha. But only after I take like a month off, take a cruise, drown my sorrows in a buffet or bar or both. I told my husband that was non-negotiable, if I got flat out rejected, lol.
  7. I really agree with Exvat. These programs all have minds of their own, their own timelines, their own ways of doing things. And, I think that is pretty universal to any field of study. I think you can use the data here to form loose probabilities after following the historical trends (when/how acceptances go out, do they accept in waves, etc.), but you just really don't know from year to year. Things change: funding, faculty, resources, program demographics (for MFAs, how many prose vs. fiction, etc.), taste/subjectivity, research interests. It's a complicated calculus, which is difficult to really objectively understand. But that should be comforting. We tend to internalize all of this, as something we could have changed or controlled, but so very much of it is not even in our hands and kinda comes down to luck. I think the farther you wait into March, the less likely an acceptance is coming, generally. However, some programs accept way late into March. Some don't discuss (if they ever do) the waitlist until then. And, as I said, things change, and the Grad Cafe is not all-knowing. As an example, one of my schools had an acceptance posted in early February. As a week and then another passed, I was like, "Okay, that's it. Rejected there." I marked it down as such on my spreadsheet (yes, I have a spreadsheet, lol). Then at the very end of February, I got an email that I was in. I was totally shocked. What I knew of past years said it was over by then. The acceptance earlier in the month confirmed it for me. But that was totally wrong. So, my advice is be reasonably realistic, but still hopeful (that's what I'm doing). The data might show six acceptances probably aren't on their way to you. It is getting late in the game. But one or two or three very well might be. And, hell, I might be totally wrong, which is my whole larger point. We just don't know. Six definitely could. Stranger things have happened! And I sincerely hope six ARE on their way to you. But even one would be awesome, right? One still means you got in. You did it. And even if one doesn't, you still took this risk; you put yourself out there; you went through the gauntlet that is this process; and you are smarter, stronger, and more skilled because of it. Keep your head up, no matter what happens. I'm still waiting for seven programs. I'm guessing four rejections, probably more. Hoping for one more acceptance, maybe a couple waitlists. But who the hell knows? Hang in there!
  8. Ditto on the video games (Monster Hunter is pretty lit). Ditto on the reality TV binge. I watched two seasons of this early 2000s home design show called Love It or Lose It, most recently, on Amazon Prime. It is so awful and meme-tastic. If you like HGTV and dada humor, this show is for you, my friends. Otherwise, I've been trying to get into better habits, focus on things I can control, like exercise. I got an exercise bike over Christmas, and my husband got me the new Just Dance for Switch for Valentine's Day, lol. I've also been cooking a lot. I made some killer guacamole the other night. Ya know, just trying to keep myself well and balanced. I also took a weekend trip over Valentine's Day. That really did wonders for me, even though it was only a couple of nights. Not only am I wallowing in the misery of this process, but I also hate my current job. So, I took a jaunt up to Philly, just did the touristy things. Since then, I've really made a concerted effort to make my weekends totally grad school and work free. Don't talk about it much. Focus on other things. Ya know. And I feel a lot better since trying to stick to that. It quells the obsession and the misery. Also! I think spending time with my pets really helps me. There is nothing better than snuggling with a cat or watching the proverbial butt wiggle before they pounce while playing. Sorry, dog people.
  9. Reviving this thread. Considering an offer at University of Saskatchewan. What's life like in the Great White North, friends? Anything changed since 2014? Any recommendations or advice? Where's a good neighborhood to live nowadays?
  10. It went really great. The director was so kind, and I loved the emphasis on community. Just very feel-good, overall. Feels like it will be a great fit. I'm very excited to find out about funding and whatnot. I got rejected via post by Toronto yesterday. Still waiting on 8 others. I emailed Uni of Victoria today, and was told they are finalizing decisions this week. Eeek! Wanted to email Guelph, but held back, lol.
  11. Hey Vivalabetsy! You must be the first Saskatchewan acceptance on the Results page. I'm the second acceptance (woot!), who mentioned seeing your acceptance and expecting the worst! Nice to meet ya! Congratulations! I have a call scheduled with the director of U of S later today. Program looks great. Price is great, especially if funding is offered on top of that. Maybe we'll see each other there! Saskatoon will be a pretty huge change for me, but that is part of the appeal, honestly. I have been accepted at University of Windsor (MA), as well; rejected by University of Michigan (surprise, surprise); and still waiting on nine others. Being a realist at this point, that this likely means several rejections are looming, but I was so surprised by the acceptance at Saskatchewan that I learned it really isn't over until it is over. Seems like lots of programs are moving very slowly this season. Does anyone else get that impression?
  12. Hi everyone, I applied to a variety of MFA and MA programs in fiction writing, including the MA program at Concordia University in Montreal, QC, Canada. I am from the US, thus an international applicant. Today, I received a weird email from someone in financial aid, providing important links for financial aid resources. It thanks me for my interest in CU, and says that " Once you have been accepted we can discuss your program costs, your budget and determine what resources are available to you." I found this email very weird. I've never received anything like it from another program. "Once you're accepted" sounds like I have been preliminarily accepted...? Would they really send out a tease like this to everyone, including rejected applicants? Seems strange and ultimately unfair. Just wondering if anyone has received this or seen this before? At this point in the process, I am looking for any glimmer of hope I can get. Am I reading into this too much, haha? Thank you for the help!
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