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  1. Also there is a facebook group for incoming clinical students at UWindsor (adult, child, and neuro) so if anyone accepts and wants to be apart of it PM me!
  2. I just released my offer from UVic and accepted UWindsor so hopefully someone moves up on the waitlist!
  3. I also go there and can give you some insight if you want to PM me. I know a ton of grad students and that definitely is not the case with them, but it might depend on the stream and the supervisor. Also, see you at the open house tomorrow!
  4. I have never heard of a school telling candidates who they advance because ultimately the federal department makes the final rank on April 1st. But that is great if they did to give you a little more insight!
  5. Yes I asked the grad secretary if they could let me know where I stand in the admissions process and that's all they said
  6. Was just told that York is apparently still reviewing my application... even though I wasn't invited to the open house. Can they just make up their minds so I can decide whether to accept my other offer??? So if anyone else is still under review on their website, that is why.
  7. I have never heard of that. I am also accepted to my undergraduate institution but no one mentioned that and I also did not see it on the webpage for the scholarship. I will ask around to some faculty and let you know if I hear anything about it!
  8. Same mine is still under review but I haven't heard anything from them
  9. Has anyone ever heard of funding to visit a school for their open house (I am already accepted). Ontario to BC tickets are currently around $700 ?
  10. I think they do them separately, this is for neuro I should have specified
  11. Just a heads up, Windsor is contacting people with ~unofficial acceptances~ (i.e. approved by the clinical committee but not yet the Dean, which is essentially an acceptance). If you have been accepted PM me
  12. That is weird they are being so pushy. I would say something along the lines of "Thank you for the offer I am very excited at the opportunity. I am currently waiting to hear from other institutions in order to make the most informed decision based on a multitude of factors (funding etc). I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible and well before the APA set deadline of April 15th. Thank you again for the offer and your patience in the process." But again, red flag, they should know you have until April 15th and can't do anything to force you to do it sooner.
  13. That is good news! But also if that is the case they really don't give you a lot of time to plan for travel to the interview day, yikes
  14. Just got my first acceptance, feeling soooooooo relieved!
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