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  1. I was curious if most applicants have publications. If so, how many are necessary for you to stand out as a top applicant? It seems like the applicants are getting more and more competitive and wasn't sure if everyone had publications at this point. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi everyone! I'm a Canadian applicant applying to Canadian universities and I was curious if most applicants have publications. If so, how many are necessary for you to stand out as a top applicant? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi everyone! If anyone knows much about the SFU program, please send me a message! I would love to chat and pick your brain a bit.
  4. Hello!! Has anyone who has been waitlisted by Waterloo heard back?
  5. Hello all! I had a question about the waitlist and was hoping someone would have some insight. How exactly does a waitlist work? I've been told that the waitlist is not really a "list" but rather you just need the person who currently holds the offer to turn it down and then it will come to you (so it's not like you're Xth position in the waitlist and the offer needs to get passed down through other waitlisted candidates ahead of you until it comes to you). Is this correct?
  6. Hi all! I hope everyone is well during this super busy and stressful time. I was hoping to get a little insight from this wonderful group. This is my second time applying to clinical psych programs and things are not looking particularly good in terms of receiving an acceptance for Fall 2019. Last year I received a waitlist offer and this year I had two interviews. I graduated this past June (e.g., class of 2018) and I feel this enormous pressure to start grad school as soon as possible, and oftentimes feel like I am "behind" in some way, especially in light of some recent rejections. Is there anyone here that took several years off/applied several times to get into clinical? Overall, I am feeling incredibly defeated and hopeless at the moment. Feel free to PM me if that is more comfortable for you. Thanks in advance everyone!
  7. To the person that just posted in the results section about being accepted to Waterloo today, could you please PM me?
  8. Hello everyone! Has anyone heard back from Western?
  9. Hi all! Just wondering if anyone here has interviewed with Waterloo yet and if so, if they've been in contact at all with the program
  10. Hi everyone!! Is anyone here familiar with the Western shortlist/interview process? My POI emailed me today saying they have forwarded my application to the clinical psych committee who will be reviewing files for the 'very short list". I was under the assumption that the decision-making process usually involved POIs deciding who to invite to interview day and afterwards giving their recommendations to the committee. I'm curious as to why the committee would be reviewing files prior to the interview invites even being sent out? Do they get the final say on who comes to interview day? Any insights would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Just came down here to say I support THIS WHOLE THING
  12. Any other Western applicants here and have you heard from your POI? I applied but not sure if I should be concerned or not that I haven't heard a single thing. Just curious as to how many people are being contacted by POIs vs. not!
  13. Has anyone been invited to an in person interview at Waterloo yet/has interviewed at Waterloo in the past? I received my invite this morning but from the sounds of it, it is not an interview day, but still includes some of the things that an interview day would, like tours, etc. Not sure what to expect!
  14. Hello everyone! This is somewhat unrelated but I was wondering if there is anyone here that has applied to clinical psych programs more than once. From your personal experience, or maybe from stories you've heard from friends, etc., is this super common? I finished my undergrad this past June and I feel a lot of pressure to start grad school as soon as possible. Are there any of you that have been out of undergrad for a couple of years and are now applying? I'd love to hear your experiences (feel free to PM if you don't want to share publicly!)
  15. I have not found this to be the case myself. I was invited to a prelim interview at Waterloo and the POI there never emailed me back when I originally reached out to them. I've asked a lot of people about this and everyone says it is not a big deal and they often are just bombarded with emails/not great at getting back to every single one!
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