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  1. Hi all!! Would love to meet fellow grad students going to Uvic in September I'll be starting grad school in clinical neuropsychology!
  2. I would like to add (as a Canadian who applied to Canadian schools this year but met a lot of students from the states at my open houses) that you should look into funding! Canada has 3 funding bodies for research: NSERC, SSHRC and CIHR and you can apply to any of them depending on the type of research...however, I thought I heard that as an international student you are unable to apply for the master's award (17,500 CAD$) but I could be wrong!! I would just suggest looking into funding opportunities/tuition as it may be more expensive but I am not sure how it compares to the US! All the best!
  3. I was told as well that you don't have to specifically do what you stated on your proposal! I think they look at it more to judge the quality of your writing and critical thinking skills, but I could be wrong! It wouldn't make sense to me if you had to do what it said in the proposal because if you are applying to three different schools, the research may be quite different at the three different schools (which was my case).
  4. Does anyone know if I got an offer for CGS to one school and plan on accepting it, if there is way to let other schools know if you are an alternate that you won't be needing it?
  5. Hi Hi! Yes, I did post that I accepted so thank you! I do not know about rejections or waitlists...sorry! I do know that myself and one other person have committed for sure...not sure about the other four though! I hope that was helpful Feel free to pm me if you have any more questions!
  6. Hi there! They sent out offers of admission to 6 people back in February!
  7. Officially accepted my offer to Uvic!! Such a weight off my shoulders and am so excited for what is to come next! Just wanted to thank everyone so much for their support and help throughout this process! I wish everyone all the best
  8. Congrats! Mine still says decision pending, fingers crossed!
  9. I believe I saw earlier on this forum that the interview day was Feb 15th for UBCO! I didn't receive an interview but my application still says in progress...not sure if this helps or not!
  10. hello hello! For those who were at the UofC open house, do you know how we go about getting refunded our travel expenses?
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