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  1. Thank you for sharing this! Do you know if it meas that those with master's scholarship and got the doctor scholarship are eligible for this extension as well? (so extending CGS-M by four months and delaying doctoral fellowship by four months).
  2. University of Victoria, Clinical Neuropsychology. Very excited!
  3. Hey folks, I didn't see one for 2020, so I thought I'd start one - would love to meet fellow grad students who will be attending UVic starting this Fall! P.S. hope you are all staying healthy and safe wherever you are now!
  4. I got the invitation to my personal email and not sure about the admission decisions unfortunately.
  5. This so great to hear. Thank you for sharing !
  6. York: do POI's send their invites independently?
  7. Uvic did their formal interviews this week I believe..
  8. Me too, please. Thank you and congrats!
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