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  1. Thank you for sharing this! Do you know if it meas that those with master's scholarship and got the doctor scholarship are eligible for this extension as well? (so extending CGS-M by four months and delaying doctoral fellowship by four months).
  2. University of Victoria, Clinical Neuropsychology. Very excited!
  3. Hey folks, I didn't see one for 2020, so I thought I'd start one - would love to meet fellow grad students who will be attending UVic starting this Fall! P.S. hope you are all staying healthy and safe wherever you are now!
  4. I got the invitation to my personal email and not sure about the admission decisions unfortunately.
  5. This so great to hear. Thank you for sharing !
  6. York: do POI's send their invites independently?
  7. Uvic did their formal interviews this week I believe..
  8. Me too, please. Thank you and congrats!
  9. To the posters who got an invite from queens, could you please PM me the initials of your POI if you don't mind? Thank you!!
  10. To the person who posted on the results forum and got skype interview with the university of waterloo - can you please PM me the POI initials if you don't mind? Thank you so much!
  11. I am surprised by that too! It used to be really active last time I applied. I am applying to clinical programs at UVic, SFU, UofC, Waterloo, York, and Queen's!
  12. Hi! This is my second time applying as well. I'm interested in Clinical (Neuro)psychology, also in developmental field! I am currently in Master's program (non-clinical). We have almost similar schools of interest! I'm interested in UWaterloo, SFU, UVic, UCalgary, Queen's, and York. I am also interested in OISE (SCCP) and Windsor but the research fit is a bit tricky with the core faculties there for me (e.g., good research fit with adjunct or from other clinical streams, but not too much with the core faculties ). That's great that you are about to submit a manuscript! Publications are my main concern at the moment Oh and I'm so glad that I finally found this thread! I've been looking for on for this round but I guess I was blind until now.. Look forward to hearing others' stories too!
  13. Finally got my rejection at York. Too bad since I got both tri council and ogs there. Checked the website for my status. Wasn't invited for interviews or whatsoever.
  14. Hey guys, I just got an email from my poi saying "You are currently on our admission shortlist. I will let you know if anything changes with your status". Does it mean that I am on the waitlist or there's a higher chance of getting in than that? Thanks!
  15. I am but kinda gave up on it. Haven't heard anything, no interviews, no update on Myfile and no rejections or whatsoever..
  16. Hi, I have interviews coming up for the University of Waterloo and I was wondering if anyone had some advice/insights into the format of these interviews? I had one preliminary interview with the POI previously but this time it will be with three faculties (one with POI and two, each with another faculty, - not my POI), and one with graduate students. They will be done in a series. I've had a few interviews at other schools, but Waterloo's interview format seems to be a little different from the ones I've already had.. Anything helps! Thankyou
  17. Same here! I wasn't invited for the interview after the one with my poi. Not sure what's going to happen....
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