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  1. I got the sense from that POI that it was their specific cut-off, not across the board for york. Congratulations!
  2. I believe offers from Western's Counselling have already gone out
  3. I personally wouldn't pursue it if you know that you want to do a PhD in the future, given both the fact it's course-based and there's currently no PhD option.
  4. Just received my rejection from SFU from the graduate coordinator
  5. Just happened to me! Take a year to get your bearings, gain more research/applied experience and sharpen (or expand) your goals. For me the biggest issue was that I tried to tailor one of my ideas to the program/POI, rather than opening myself and framing myself as a valuable contributor to their team. For me this meant throwing my statement of intent out the window and starting again from scratch. Also if you have any external funding applications, it may be advantageous to write a proposal specifically off their research, so they can see that you're serious about their work and be
  6. I think if you get invited to talk about research interests that's a really good thing, even if you weren't invited initially
  7. Most of the time it comes across more negative if you contact POIs in the in between stage, unfortunately at this point it's probably best to just wait it out (which I know is excruciating!)
  8. Usually there's the first batch of rejections for people who don't qualify, then there's rolling acceptances. For the most part waitlisted is typically for people who have interviewed and mass rejections will be closer to mid-end of March.
  9. Guelph and Ryerson have already sent out interview invites I believe
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