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  1. Congrats! I am in my first year of the program - you can apply for an RA or TA position in the spring and apply for funding (like CGS-M) in your first year if you haven't already. Would you mind DM'ing your POI?
  2. Hey! I am in the SCCP program. Last year, my application said "in review" until I received my acceptance letter on Feb. 20th. Good luck!
  3. Hey! I am a first-year SCCP master's student at U of A. Last year, there was no interview process and I found out on Feb. 20th. Good luck!!
  4. I received an offer from the U of A for the SCCP program on Tuesday and was told from a POI to expect a U of C SACP offer right away. Decision time!
  5. I have one from a POI in SACP in Calgary Wednesday! Good luck!!!
  6. Thanks! That makes me feel a lot better were you admitted to thesis or course based?
  7. I'm wondering if anyone knows about general timelines for school and clinical at U of Alberta or school and applied at U of Calgary? I have heard they don't have formal interview processes? Thanks!
  8. I'm interested in applying to the school psychology programs in Calgary, UAlberta, and UBC. Interested to hear what people say.
  9. A question for those applying in the fall - when is a good time to email your POI? I was thinking September/October, but wasn't sure.
  10. I am writing the general GRE at the end of May. Yes, some Canadian schools do require the GRE.
  11. I would also like to know. I really would like to work with children and plan to apply to a mix of school and clinical child programs in Canada.
  12. Thought I might get this thread started for those prepping to apply in the fall.
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