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  1. I am currently a full-time research coordinator and my best advice is to think about what you would like to accomplish during your time as a coordinator or research assistant. Or even why you want to pursue a coordinator/assistant position. These jobs are great ways to strengthen the skills you will need as a graduate student and professional, but also to create a professional network.
  2. I have recently accepted an offer to begin graduate school this august. I will be relocating from the east coast to the mid-west and I have never planned a move this big before My current option is to sell/move my furniture to my parent's house and ship my car from the mid-west. I would then fly to my new location and purchase a bed, bedroom furniture, and living furniture/kitchen stuff I also would want to pack my car with some things that I want to bring with me (clothes, shoes, vauum, some kitchen essentials) Does anybody have any other ideas/experiences in r
  3. For the GRE- if you have the money available I would recommend taking a GRE course. I took a Kaplan course and my scores significantly increased For the Personal Statement- I used it as a way to express my current research interests and relevant experiences. I used it as a way to tie together my research experiences from college until now. The most important feedback was that I needed to make sure to expand on the skills that could apply to graduate work and not just simply list experiences. It was important to expand on how the things that I have been doing will translate well into a gra
  4. I was in a similar position when I first graduate from college (almost 3 years ago). I was debating between accepting a job offer as an RA or going to get my master's in general psychology. I was told by multiple people that obtaining the master's wasn't worth the debt that you leave with. It was more beneficial to work for 2ish years and then apply for doctoral programs. I ended up taking the position and working as an RA for the past 2 1/2 years and just finished applying/interview for clinical phd programs. I was more successful and a strong applicant than I would have been with a just
  5. Kent State Child Clinical Psychology Reason: Accepted offer at another university that I liked more
  6. I declined my offer for Kent State child track
  7. I'd be interested in also knowing this information. I will be moving to Stillwater in august for grad school!
  8. This is my first application cycle. I applied to 10 schools, interviewed at 4 and have been accepted to 2 programs (waiting on 1 more) and wait listed at another. The most important part of my applications was finding schools/mentors who's interests strongly aligned with my current and future interests. Having publications, posters, high gap is going to get you an interview, but really showing your interests through your statement is crucial. Take time to really strengthen what you are putting on your CV by highlighting skills that you can apply to graduate/professional career. Good luck
  9. Could Kent state acceptance PM me their POI? Waiting for decision thanks!!
  10. School: Oklahoma State UniversityProgram: Clinical PsychologyDate of Notification: 2/41/17Method of Notification: Email from DCT/POIThoughts: I am very excited to have received an offer. I was uncertain going on the interview if I would like the program/location because I am from the east coast. I loved everything about the school including the program, the current graduate students, and most importantly my POI. I have one more interview, but I am most likely going to accept this
  11. I had the same problem, I interviewed with 2 faculty at the same program, one was an older faculty member and the other was a new faculty member. After meeting with both, I found that I "fit" better with the newer, younger faculty member. It's just a matter of who you believe you would work better with.
  12. Yeah, I've taken some personal days just so that I could relax for a day before leaving for a different interview. My poor boss/coworkers haven't seen me in a month...
  13. I am getting so run down after this these interviews. I feel like traveling really throws me off and after a day or so I start to feel like complete crap! I cannot wait to be finished with this marathon interviewing. Anyone else feel like this?
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