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  1. Clinical Psychology

    Clinical psychology student in Canada here. Practicum varies by school, but generally follows a similar format due to CPA standards (providing you're attending a CPA accredited program). The way practicum works at my school is each student does 1-2 days a week at the on campus clinic for the first 3 years of program. This involves a variety of assessments, therapy, supervision of junior students, and report writing. Once students are leaving third year, they do full time summer practicums in the community. Afterward, people either do full-time or part-time practicums wherever until they have the hours to apply for internship. I have no idea how stressful it is to deal with clients while you're in a psychology program, but I did some clinical work before I entered into my program, and it was only mildly stressful. It is a bit overwhelming, but can be mitigated by good time management. First and second years are usually the heaviest for courses because you have to get so much foundation work done (stats, ethics/professional issues), assessment (adult and child), therapy (adult and child), psychopathology, specialized therapy/assessment courses, any breadth courses, etc. I'm in my first year, and I have 5 courses (would have one more if I was taking stats, but I'm also taking a research course to fill that gap). Next semester, I'll have 4 classes, one of them being a one day a week practicum. At my school, they try to keep the practicum hours to one/two days a week, depending on how many hours you need in a specific area. By my fourth year, I should only have 1 or 2 courses because I will be expected to fill most of my time with practicum and research. Experimental programs generally have less courses because you're expected to be spending the majority of your time in a lab doing research. In clinical, you need to split your time between practicum and research, with some coursework as well. I generally spent around 8 hours a day Monday through Friday on coursework (attending classes, assignments, and readings), plus some time on weekends. You absolutely cannot hold a 8-5 job during a clinical program (it's more doable in an experimental program, but still not recommended). For one, have have classes you need to attend during the day. Secondly, most programs either restrict working entirely, or severely limit it (my school limits working, both inside and outside the school, to 10 hours a week). It's simply not possible.
  2. Applications - Research Proposal

    I've never had to submit a research proposal for any of the applications I've done. My advice would be to consult with the department's graduate assistant as they'll usually be able to clarify what should be submitted.
  3. Psychology GRE Subject Test

    I used Kaplan when I rewrote it last year. I was 4 years out of undergrad and found it sufficient to review what I knew and learn the basics of what I hadn't learned before (personal psych).
  4. SSHRC Doctoral Award/CGS (funding for 2018-2019)

    I'm currently working on my application. This is my fourth time applying. I won the doctoral CGS two years ago, but had to decline because I wasn't admitted to a program. Hopefully I can make it work this year!
  5. Canadian Clinical Psychology GRE Scores

    From what I've heard, GRE aren't as heavily weighted in your application as much as other things (such as grades and research abilities). As a general rule, you'll want to have at least the 70th percentile in each section to get into a clinical program, although it's possible to get into programs if you have a lower mark in one subsection. I got into a clinical program and interviewed at two of the above schools last application cycle, and was only in the 55th percentile for the quantitative GRE section (I was above the 90th percentile though for verbal, analytic, and the psychology subject test though). Just try to do your best on the GRE and put more of your focus on developing a strong statement of interest for your applications.
  6. Carleton's MA program is terminal and they have a good social psych program (a lot of people stop with just the MA, but you have the option of moving onto the PhD). Most Canadian universities that I've seen that aren't combined MA/PhD programs have terminal Master's degrees (they admit with the expectance that you'll proceed to the PhD, but many don't anyways).
  7. Fall 2017 CANADIAN clinical psychology

    FYI, applications for University of Regina are still open, and they apparently still have 2 open spots in the clinical program!!
  8. Anyone else starting PhD with chronic illness?

    I'm starting my PhD in the fall, and I have ulcerative colitis. I flared really bad throughout the start of my Master's, and it really is scary and overwhelming.
  9. Home State "Bucket List"?

    I wouldn't be able to do it if I did a bucket list for the province, but I'm doing one, mostly food based, for the city I live in, and for the surrounding area.
  10. Canadian Clinical and Counselling Psych Programs- ACCEPTED 2017

    Thank you! I got my rejection from UBCO this past Wednesday. I had applied for the MA and did not interview (one of the few programs I heard back from where I did not interview).
  11. Fall 2017 CANADIAN clinical psychology

    If anyone is attending UNB clinical in the fall, please let me know via PM. I'm planning on making a Facebook group for us!
  12. Fall 2017 CANADIAN clinical psychology

    I've heard absolutely nothing from them.
  13. Canadian Clinical and Counselling Psych Programs- ACCEPTED 2017

    I was accepted to UNB's clinical program a month ago! Still waiting to hear from Ryerson, Saskatchewan, and UBC Okanagan.
  14. Fall 2017 CANADIAN clinical psychology

    Since York is a CPA-accredited program, accepted applicants should have until April 15 to accept (according to their rules).
  15. Fall 2017 Clinical Psychology Applicants

    I'm curious to know what school this is too.