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  1. Thank you so much for your advice, that is perfect! I have sent an email to both of them separately, and already heard back from one . Let's see how it goes. Really appreciate your help!
  2. Hey! Perfectly fine to use books in your references. I use it in grant applications all the time, and got a few already funded. Good luck!
  3. Hi guys, I have a quick but complex question and hope someone can help me out. There are two professors I am very interested in working with at one university. They study pretty much the same thing, exactly what I am interested in as well. Both are great professors it seems, but I'm not sure they are good colleagues. I prepared an email to one, but I actually would not mind to even work with both of them, or either. Considering the research interests are the same, the email I drafted can be applied to both of them really. While they have published many papers together, I cannot find much publi
  4. Hi all, I am planning on applying for this cycle and preparing everything right now. I have a masters from UK (clinical forensic), so hope to get waivers for some courses. I am contacting potential faculty, and one individual I was in touch with said that they review applications usually after they are reviewed by the program but are planning on taking on one student. They did not identify if they are interested in my candidature (even though our research interests align very well). Is that common? Should I apply and just list this member of faculty or would you contact other members fro
  5. Anyone has any insight on OGS ? I know for UTSC, deadline is in May (way after all the decisions were made). Anyone knows if they do perhaps rolling acceptances for OGS? For example if you receive CGS-M, you may email your POI to inform them and it is possible (albeit unlikely) that you might get acceptance if you were rejected before. Anyone knows when the decisions on OGS come out? And whether the same reasoning applies here?
  6. I wonder if this timeline is university specific. Probably is, huh? As long as the final result is there by April 1. But good to know they might not leave you hanging once they know you're out of the competition.
  7. I don't imagine you will be declined by SGS. They are probably just taking a while to update the system. I wouldn't worry. Quick question, is this for OISE or UTSC?
  8. I had the exact same panic when I read it. But apparently at like UOttawa deadline is Dec 1. While UTSC is in May.
  9. Oh congrats! Do you mind telling me who is your POI, and your scores for other sections? Would like to know what to strive for for next year
  10. Not for most schools. I believe most are looking for a high verbal. But UTSC is looking for a high quant.
  11. This was definitely the most frustrating part for me. And my POI at UTSC told me that they look at Quant score to gauge how you will do in PhD (makes little sense to me, apart from the fact that program is stats heavy, so why not test stats instead?). Did you have to take Psych GRE? I got time for next year to retake it, but I wonder if I should (got 81st percentile). It's mandatory for schools I am applying for, not just recommended.
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