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  1. gillis_55

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psychology Canadian Applicants!

    Nope - it's all in one application thankfully. You fill out your proposal, CV, etc. and then select the 3 schools from dropdown lists. For OGS, it's individual to each school so theoretically you could prepare different proposals for each.
  2. gillis_55

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psychology Canadian Applicants!

    Received 1 alternate offer for CGS-M, 2 "Not Offered". Fingers crossed! It's not at the school I'm attending but it'd still be nice to say "declined" on my CV.
  3. gillis_55

    Younger/newer faculty vs. older/tenured faculty

    Something else to consider with a new faculty member - they are learning how to be a supervisor and mentor. You won't have any grad students to ask about how they are as a supervisor, and even the POI won't really be able to answer this based on their experience (it will be more aspirational or focused on what they hope to be).There's more of a risk that they may end up being the kind of supervisor you're not well suited for. If you have a good feeling about them after meeting them, it will probably turn out just fine.
  4. gillis_55

    Tips on Negotiating Offers

    First thing I would say: the only leverage you have is a competing offer from another school. There is really no reason for them to increase your funding if you don't have a better offer on the table. Also, it's still worth asking even if you think the schools are of different ranks. You'll never get extra funding if you don't ask! Finally, I wouldn't recommend asking unless you're seriously considering the school - i.e., don't ask every program that accepted you to match the offer. I'd limit it to 1-2 schools you're trying to decide between. With that in mind, here is the letter I used to the Director of the Program and my POI; they matched my competing offer by requesting extra funds from the Grad Department and I accepted the program. Check your offer letter as they may specify in there who you should contact with questions or competing offers. "Dear Dr. Director and Dr. POI, Thank you again for your offer of admission to Program A at University ABC. I am reaching out because I will be making a decision on which school to accept this month and I wanted to touch base about funding. I received an offer of admission from Program B at University XYZ for $XX,XXX per year in guaranteed funding for 2 years ($XX,XXX total). The offer I received for University A is for $XX,XXX per year in guaranteed funding for 2 years ($XX,XXX total).This leaves a gap of approximately $XX,XXX. I remain very excited about University ABC and the prospect of working with Dr. POI in Program A, but was hoping that something could be done to close the funding gap as $XX,XXX would have a significant impact on my finances over the course of the program. Thank you in advance for your consideration, and please let me know if I can provide any further details to assist at this stage. Warmly, Applicant"
  5. gillis_55

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psychology Canadian Applicants!

    Received my rejection from Concordia today via email - expected, no interview.
  6. gillis_55

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psychology Canadian Applicants!

    Thanks Hopefully we’ll end up at some of the same conferences next year!
  7. gillis_55

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psychology Canadian Applicants!

    Officially accepted my offer for the University of Guelph Child & Adolescent Clinical Psych - super excited to get started in September! I released my offers from UTSC and Waterloo, so good luck to those on the waitlist. Message me for POIs if you're interested.
  8. gillis_55

    Fall 2019 Psychology - Where are you going?!

    Headed to the University of Guelph's Child & Adolescent Clinical Psych program So excited to get started!
  9. gillis_55

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psychology Canadian Applicants!

    All official offers went out in early Feb, they’re now waiting to hear back from applicants
  10. gillis_55

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psychology Canadian Applicants!

    Received a rejection from McGill Counselling MA (project stream) today - it was an email to check the portal. Not too surprised, research fit was not as strong here for me.
  11. gillis_55

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    IMHO, only a red flag if they dropped out because of POI issues. If you got a good vibe on the the POI from your own meeting and speaking with grad students, you should be good.
  12. I don't see why it's an issue to email a POI a few weeks after you've interviewed with them, if you're excited about the program. At the end of my interviews, I always asked about when I should expect to hear back. In most cases I heard back before that soft deadline with an acceptance, but with another I waited a few extra days and then emailed my POI directly. He responded quickly that he had offered to another applicant who had accepted. I thanked him for letting me know and felt relieved that I could proceed with other offers. I do think it's inappropriate to email a POI you've had no contact with, however. In those cases, I've emailed the grad secretary instead to confirm that I was waitlisted or rejected.
  13. gillis_55

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psychology Canadian Applicants!

    @Sharbar made a good point, I'm not sure of this piece - definitely something to ask your specific program.
  14. gillis_55

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psychology Canadian Applicants!

    I've spoken with faculty members from both types of programs and essentially there is little difference in practice between the two degrees. The two fields were very different 50-60 years ago, with counselling focused on vocational/well-being issues (especially in educational/military settings) and clinical focused more on psychopathology; however, at this point the overlap is huge. You won't have access to different populations based on the degree - that's entirely dependent on your program's training and practicum sites. If you stack up hours with the population you want, there's no issue. That being said, clinical degrees are still seen by some in academia as having more prestige - but that perception continues to fade as the fields converge. If you're interested in a research career, it's really your CV/pubs/funding record that's important, not the type of degree. If I were you, I would go with the better research fit - 6 years is a long time to study something you're not very interested in.
  15. gillis_55

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psychology Canadian Applicants!

    No I don't think so - this email just said that they weren't forwarding my application to be considered at the departmental level. I assume the final decisions are still issued on April 1st.

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