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  1. Unfortunately, I don't think that will be the case. While "good" general GRE scores are subject to individual opinion a lot of the time, subject GRE scores tend to not be because they are completely psych-based. Since you are applying to a psych-oriented graduate program, presumably with an undergraduate psych degree, low scores might cause some red flags to come up. Think about it this way, a lot of what was tested on the subject GRE was information that was taught in first-year psych courses - while there are MANY reasons why someone would score low on this test (test-day anxiety etc), super
  2. Has anyone heard back about OGS? Not sure if the notification dates will be the same for each school, but figured I would ask!
  3. Might be a dumb question, but with OGS, are you competing with everyone who applied or is it department-specific? So in other words, does a school choose successful applicants in each faculty or across faculties? Not sure if it works the same as CGS, thanks in advance!
  4. I have never heard of a lab manager experience hurting someone's application if anything, it'd be the opposite.
  5. I don't think that means rejection necessarily! "Received by administrator" means that the committee at X school is still deliberating applications. Fingers crossed for you!
  6. Was QU one of yours? Bc I'm right with you on that one LOL
  7. Does anyone know if all schools were required to submit their CGS results by today? Ryerson’s status still hasn’t changed on my list...
  8. If that were the case, you would've just cracked open the application process. Like a motherload cheat for the sims, but for grad school LOL. In this scenario, why apply for grad school at all if you can just apply to RA in a lab, and then assume you'd come out with a PhD? Again, I'm a Canadian applicant so no idea if this is the wave in the states at all (you could be very much right). I have no hard feelings what so ever towards these supervisors and they were great mentors that prepared me for the next stage in my life nonetheless!
  9. Hi! I think this is a great thread to have up and running, as I feel like we all have a few individual learning experiences that would be helpful to share for those applying next cycle. In terms of background, I think it would be important to keep in mind that I am a Canadian applicant, so although I think what I have to say is pretty transferrable for all types of applicants, it might be different for those in the US/other countries. I also didn't apply to any Counseling/PsyD programs, and only applied to PhD Clinical Psychology programs. This was my first time applying; I applied to fiv
  10. Wait, weird. Mine says exactly that (received by administrator) but the date is still when I last submitted...
  11. Has anyone else here (or lurking this thread) been accepted to Ryerson? If so, feel free to PM me - always nice to see who will be in your cohort Best of luck here to everyone else still figuring things out - I believe in you guys!
  12. Hi! I've actually had experience with this - I volunteered in two of my POIs' labs before applying to their lab for graduate studies. While I can say that this did give me an edge in the sense that they became familiar with me and my work ethic (and external applicants don't have this when applying), it didn't "guarantee" me a spot in their lab by any means. I think everyone above me summed it up pretty nicely, but your POI by no means "owes" you an interview just because you put in some hours into their lab. While it makes the chance of an interview likely if you and your POI had a good relat
  13. Hey! Everyone else here did a great job in terms of explaining the difference (or more so similarity) between the two degrees, but I just wanted to add to what @Sharbar said re: privilege to diagnose. My supervisor actually just discussed this recently in a meeting but yes, Sharbar is correct and conveying a diagnosis is a protected act that only registered clinical psychologists can do. Other professions can provide forms of treatment (whatever they may be), but you need a PhD in Clinical specifically (and registration with the CPO) to convey a formal diagnosis. Definitely something to keep i
  14. LMAO FACTS tbh the instant some of their faculty pages came up in French I knew it was over for me
  15. Just checked UOZone and got “refused” LOL, couldn’t even spare me the rejection email 😂 Congrats to all who were accepted!!
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