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  1. I declined and will be heading to a more affordable but very reputable school in Europe. Honestly, i think it's not worth bearing such a huge debt and enter any US school this time for this policy degree (I also declined Johns Hopkins and Columbia). I don't want to have a stressful life just to have a famous name on my CV. After all, I think it is not the school name but what you can do matters.
  2. I declined. I don't see any point to get debt and go to any US school at this time (regarding the policy degree) while can't expect much salary after the graduation. Good luck everyone on your endeavors!!
  3. Hi Guys. I haven't received my result for the scholarship reconsideration yet but got the invitation to talk with one of the school's professor. I wonder if this is one way to confirm on whether they want to allocate more funding to us ....Anyone got the same invitation ?
  4. Still no change to your application portal or MYFAID folks ? In previous years, both usually changed maybe 1-2 days or so before they released the results.
  5. Just got email some mins ago. It was a no. well...
  6. I guess cos I applied on the due day. It seems that the admission team processed our application whenever they accepted it, not at once after the deadline like HKS or elsewhere.
  7. I feel very happy, excited and proud of myself. I started studying English myself several years ago by watching CNN, reading book, doing Couchsurfing to practice my speaking .etc.. And with that effort now I got into an Ivy League 😁😇 No scholarship so I will decline and hope someone else in the waitlisted will take it. Thank you a lot everybody and please have a nice weekend.
  8. Now I read my letter again, it says " In a few weeks you will receive specific information on the cost of attendance and possible sources of aid. "...Probably not much then ...haizzzz. Still, can't believe I got into Columbiaaaaaaa..happy happy
  9. Yayyy. I got in too. MPA-DP...But don't see any word on funding. Anyone got email about this ?
  10. nothing for me yet either... Can you view your decision directly on your portal ?
  11. Okay! Let's gear up and begin another wait folks...Today is Friday 13th...Amen!
  12. Okay! Gear up folks and let's begin another wait...Today is Friday 13th...Amen!
  13. Hi guys! it's already midnight here in Tokyo. My mom just called to check on me about corona cos I commute by train everyday. She even told me to wear the rain coat when going to work to prevent corona..bahahaha.. I think I am gonna be off to bed now. Too sleepy to wait any longer (but maybe I will wake up later at 3AM to check... 😅)
  14. Like other communities, we have a wonderful group here too, helping each other with all kind of information to downgrade our blood pressure levels...I have had 2 glasses of wine and now is on the cloud though...😅
  15. Deal!!! I'll bring some of our best bottles: Hakkaizan, Kubota, Dassai, etc.. to Cambridge 😀
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