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  1. I'm in at the Nic School!! Sweet relief. Received an email seemingly auto-generated at 7pm (on President's Day, huh?) telling me to check the web portal. Letter was waiting for me there. As we suspected, funding info will come out in mid-March. Good luck, all!!
  2. Super interesting, and always good to hear about what goes on in the blackbox of the admissions office. Thanks @Dwar. That post seems to be mostly about the PhD cycle though--I'm curious if anyone has any similar resources for Masters programs where working one-on-one with professors isn't as central a component.
  3. Definitely not required. I don't qualify for need-based aid, so I didn't fill it out.
  4. It looks like you might only be looking at European schools, but if American institutions are an option for you, check out Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs. Very well-regarded, plenty of graduates go on to work for the UN or other IR organizations. EDIT: Just got Caffeinated, whatup!
  5. Unfortunately the world is full of people who will take the tiniest modicum of power and lord it over those "beneath them." And unfortunately, those without that power often have to eat crow for the sake of their careers and reputations. All you can do is respond with grace and hope someone at or above their level smacks them down.
  6. Hope everyone managed to distract themselves over the weekend. And now for 24 hours of wondering whether Duke Admissions works on President's Day...
  7. That does suck. Not to prod an open wound, but did you get through round 1 of Fulbright decisions? I was rejected after getting through to the semifinals last year, and I got an email from the program.
  8. Probably pretty well, since (if it's the type of prize I'm thinking of) it means you were the best student in whatever department awarded you the prize. I don't think any accolades could possibly hurt you, except maybe those dumb pay-to-play "merit" fraternities.
  9. Speculation based solely on info from this site: in previous years it seems like both successful and unsuccessful applicants are sent an email simultaneously telling them to check the portal, implying that the application page is updated and then an email is sent out. So if you're really quick/obsessive/lucky, you might catch the result on the Nic School page before you get the email. As for the timeline, last year seems like the most standardized of previous rounds, with all decisions coming out on Feb 15. In 2018 decisions were sent out between around Feb 6 and Feb 19, with a big cluster Feb 12/13, and years before that are even more all over the place. In my head that means they've gotten better about structuring things and will send out all results simultaneously. The fact that last year decisions came out at the end of the second full week of February makes me hopeful that we get them today, but the admissions email from last month said "mid-February," which we are definitely in right now, but which could feasibly include next week as well. I really hope it's today, though. Going through a whole weekend and possibly another week without knowing would be torture. EDIT: As for funding, the pattern seems to be the acceptances/rejections go out first, and then funding information is sent a few weeks later. My guess is that's because they want to send out all the decisions (both priority and regular deadline) before sending financial info.
  10. It's an endless cycle: refresh the Grad Cafe results page, refresh my email, refresh the Nic School application status page. Refresh Grad Cafe, refresh Gmail, refresh application. Refresh... refresh... refresh... refresh.......
  11. Craigslist is always good for this kind of thing. Also Nextdoor, or any local Facebook swap groups you may have.
  12. I also haven't seen anything about cutoff scores for US universities (though I was only looking at environmental masters programs). If there is one, it's probably at something like 140 (EDIT: Combined 280), where basic competency becomes a question. For a STEM degree I really don't think you have to worry about 150/4.0.
  13. I'd say it's totally fine to email them with substantive questions about the program, but I'd avoid asking about your chances. At best it's gauche, and at worst it might actually hurt your application--it definitely won't help if the admissions officer who's making the decision has an image of you in their head as an impatient person. I know the wait is tough, and I think being engaged with the university is definitely not a bad thing, but I wouldn't specifically ask about your chances of admission.
  14. Based on no evidence at all, I think your 170Q is enough to get you through any filters they might have. 150V is pretty low, but 4W isn't terrible. What are the percentiles?
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