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  1. it's a subpar program for professional development I'd say.
  2. Thanks for your advice! I posted in their fb housing group too Was just trying to post everywhere so that I can get more responses
  3. I am looking for people who want to live in an apartment within walking distance from campus! I have 2 people (myself included), and 4-people apartments are so much cheaper than those for 2! Please pm if you are interested!
  4. So I googled for reviews on SBU for a bit and the opinions were mixed. Any of you know somebody going there, attending? I would love to learn more about the program, facility, faculty, environment, and everything else! thank you community!
  5. @PsychedSloth Don't think too much about it! It is good that they will let you know about a decision finally! And best of luck!!!
  6. I am actually happy that we are having an Easter break because you know what, I can stop waiting for updates from my portfolios because I know it's school holiday LOL
  7. @psychedsloth thanks for clarifying, I was wondering if there are other established websites like gradcafe
  8. @PsychedSloth do you have other forums for updates of offers from everyone? craving for more information in this waiting game
  9. Guys, I guess I was misread a little.... Did mean to say that age is a determinant factor, I just want to plan the course of my life ahead and see what are the possible next steps. Thank you for all the sharing though Love this community!
  10. Yes it is okay to just call them and ask! None of these questions are unexpected. If you really like this program then tell them that you have to make a decision by (month/date) and that you would reject the other school if you are given the offer. best of luck
  11. I am just curious. My family is great and encourages me to work for my dream, but they also want me to be realistic about this chase (mostly because of the financial situation at home). I am 22, fresh grad UG this year
  12. @MT26377 Wait what did you apply to at UIUC, I thought they have a 5/1 deadline .0.
  13. Is it the normal case that a lot of the flagship schools seem to be not offering admission for master applications even until now? Do schools wait until all the Ph.D. offers are out and the waitlist is cleared to actually sort through the master applicant pile? I am extremely nervous, that's why I am asking! Any related info would help! And please, share the offers that you have received if you don't mind That's the whole purpose of this thread!
  14. I don't understand why the admission committee has to make life so hard for us. It would be much less of a torture of they would just specify an announcement date for everything and release results in one batch. Either I get in, or I don't. Ughhh I just need a definite answer.
  15. I will be the first one: It sucks to be in a different time zone from all the schools that I applied to. I know it's announcement season right now, and I haven't been having a good sleep for so long. I can't be productive/ undistracted at my work, I always freak out when my phone dings. Why is it taking so longg for them to get back to us with the results T-T Honestly, I just want to move on and keep my life going. Talking helps! Thank you for listening
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