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  1. Hi all! So I have a bit of a dilemma - I'm a non traditional student (majored in Business during undergrad), and am intent on pursuing a PhD in Psychology. I'm not entirely sure what area specifically I want to go down yet, as I'm interested in both Clinical and Neuro Psych at the moment. In order to apply to either, though, I obviously need to take some pre-requisites, get involved in research work and try to get in some publications/posters. I've been accepted to the Masters program in Clinical Psychology at Teachers College (Columbia) as well as to the Post Bacc program in Psychology at Col
  2. @Pugislife Thanks for replying! I'm interested why you feel that way - any specific reasons?
  3. Hey - I've read good things about MAPSS, I would personally lean towards that. Did you consider NYU as well?
  4. Hi all, I recently got accepted into NYU's general psychology master's program, and initially I was really excited at the prospect of it. However, upon doing more research, I found that most people seem to have negative things to say about it. To be honest, knowing NYU's reputation and caliber of professor's/ quality of classes, I was surprised to see this. I'm wondering if anyone has any more insight (either someone having attended or knowing someone who has attended) that could clear this up? I'm still leaning towards attending, especially as I have very limited experience in psychology and
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