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  1. Le Chat

    Master's Level Research Jobs

    I wanted to see if anyone here has a Master's in Psychology and has worked in research, and if they enjoyed their experience. I am graduating next year with a Master's in Clinical Psychology (license eligible) and am passionate about psychological research, with the goal of a PhD. I know that I wouldn't be independent, but was curious about the quality of research jobs with a Master's degree.
  2. Le Chat

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    I have had to write just a few diversity statements in addition to an SOP. My SOP highlights experience, education, interests blah blah blah. My diversity statement describes the characteristics that make me "unique" and a positive contribution to the program and vocation. Yes to life experiences, personal characteristics, hardships, in the personal/diversity statement.
  3. Le Chat

    Best Psyd Schools

    There is an APA internship/felloswhip program in my university's town that has a large number of PsyD's that come through, and the training is in NeuroPsychology. Some of their programs: Mercer University- Individual had a Health/Medical Psych focus and internship/fellowship training. Pacific University- individual had APA accredited internship and fellowship in Neuropsychology at ivy league program. George Fox University Yeshiva. University of Denver. I also take a look at licensure rates, and rates of completion ( like someone already said, if it is more than 5/6 years that might hint at some potential problems with the program.)
  4. Le Chat

    School Psychology Thread

    Hello all, I noticed there wasn't a thread for School Psychology applicants/current students. I am applying to School Psychology PhD programs for 2019 (eligible as a specialist and licensed psychologist.) Current schools I am looking at: Texas Women's University Texas A&M University University of Houston University of Central Arkansas Tulane Louisiana State Oklahoma State
  5. Le Chat

    Research based PhD

    For those applying to or pursing a PhD in Psychology that is non-clinical, what made you decide to pursue this vs. the clinical field? My primary reason for studying Psychology is to contribute to research, and I would like to be able to devote a significant amount of time. I also greatly enjoy academic teaching and relevant work. My concern with a Clinical Program is that the focus on therapy and assessment might draw away from research possibilities, or that my time and focus would be too divided. Essentially, clinical work would take time away from what I really want to do. Thoughts? Advice?
  6. Le Chat

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    Alright y'all, I'm back on the gravy train. I'm focusing on Health Psychology and Clinical Health Psychology this year, branching out to research oriented programs. So far: UT Southwestern Clinical Psychology UT Arlington Health Psychology UT El Paso Health Psychology SMU Clinical Health University of Alabama Birmingham Medical Clinical University of South Alabama Clinical-Counseling UMKC Health Psychology University of New Mexico Health/Clinical Health
  7. For any of you that have a Master's level license- Social Work, MFT, Counseling etc... Did any of you work at the Master's license level before pursuing a Psychology program. I am still interested in being a Licensed Psychologist, but would like to gain experience in the field as a Licensed Counselor. The supervision period is around 2 years before I am fully licensed, so I would like to work for about that long. Just trying to think of how to gain the experiences I need for PhD programs. TIA!
  8. Le Chat

    People who ALMOST applied to grad school (PhD)

    I'm currently in a Master's program- the result of me applying to PhD programs for the 2017 cycle. I decided to put off applications until the 2020 cycle. The reasons: Due to illness I wasn't as productive in my research work as I would like to be. This gives me more time for pubs/presentations. The second is so I can actually finish my Master's and work to save money/have job options when I begin a PhD program. My goal is to be a psychologist but for now I am getting the LPC license for logistical reasons. For me it boils down to life with chronic illness and doing what is best for me, health wise.
  9. Thanks everyone! My health insurance coverage ends in a year and a half so that has been a big motivating factor (that and income, plus PhD program scheduling.) I'm still debating the decision but seriously considering the delay.
  10. Looking for some insight or experience from those that are in Psychology Master's programs and planning to apply for Clinical Psychology Ph.D's. I am a non-psychology undergrad, and in a Clinical Psychology M.S. program with undergraduate pre-requisites. My application cycle consideration would be Fall 2019, but I wouldn't finish my Master's program until December 2019. I also came into the program with zero research experience, by the time of applications I would have 4 semester's worth. My concerns are #1-Whether it is worth the money and time if I might just be rejected, and #2 whether I should consider finishing the program for a more solid backup plan (I have recurrent chronic illness related health issues). If I graduate in December I would work in Research from January-August (assuming acceptance into a Ph.D program.) Thoughts?
  11. Le Chat

    Working in two labs over the summer? Good or bad idea?

    I'm also trying to be involved in 2 labs if possible. It gets me two different experiences to list, and possibly twice the amount of CV material. It's hard to put a lot of time into research during regular semesters as a graduate student, so summer lets me devote time to research (online classes being more flexible.)
  12. Le Chat

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    Ahh that's awesome! I am sure I will PM come closer to application time!
  13. Graduated undergrad at 22 and applied at the end of that year. Started my Master's at 23 and hopefully will start a PhD at 25. I took a gap year and I highly recommend it, I got a variety of work experience that really has worked out in my favor.
  14. Le Chat

    Clinical vs. Research PhD Rationale

    Thank you, and congratulations on your acceptance! I am pushing the research experience as much as I can, and hoping it pays off (plus I happen to love it.)
  15. Le Chat

    Clinical vs. Research PhD Rationale

    I will definitely look into R1 schools a little more thoroughly. I know a few are on my list already. The benefit of many of the Clinical Programs I have chosen is that they highly specialize in research in my area of interest.

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