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  1. I got accepted to UT and TXST for MSW program and TWU for health studies. I majored in psychology for my undergrad— cumulative GPA of 3.64, my major GPA was probably around 3.78. I didn’t take the GRE and I had a rough start in my first year (different major).
  2. I got accepted to both schools. GPA: 3.64, my only real-world experience was an internship at a hospital therapy clinic. In undergrad I was active in New Student Orientation & student wellness. I honestly think my personal statement made the difference, and be sure to have good letters of recommendation. Edit: Doy, I just realized what sub this was in. My bad, but I hope this still helps?
  3. Absolutely try to ask for an extension. Luckily one school I applied to didn't have any deadline for decisions, so I was able to wait before accepting any offers.
  4. Do you have a bachelor's degree in another field? Some MSW programs don't require BSW (depending on your bachelor's degree).
  5. Rising MSW student this fall! I'm deaf and also doing my program 100% online. I'm a little scared to see how the professors will handle this experience. At my undergrad they had a HUGE disability office and were fantastic about providing access to online materials. I'm keeping my fingers crossed but this school seems to be very understanding. One thing that scares me is I won't be able to make any friends in my cohort since I can't call or videochat with them.
  6. Stressed about school and I’m not even in class yet! My program orientation is this summer and it just HAPPENS to be the exact weekend that my parents and I are going out of country on vacation for a few weeks to celebrate my graduation last year. This trip has been In the works for over a year and we are not about to push it all off/ move around reservations just for three days of orientation. The thing that I’m miffed about is I tried contacting the program office to see if they had an alternate day set up in the future or any possible way I could receive the same information so I woul
  7. Texas State!!! All majors welcome here I'm going in the MSW Advanced Practice Leadership program, online student so I probably won't be seeing your faces this fall 🤣
  8. On the application process website it says "possible interview"
  9. I got the email for an interview around March 27, interviewed on April 5. Still waiting to hear back! They said they would let us know by May 17th. I'm not sure if interviews were mandatory but in my experience it seemed like they took it seriously. Good luck! Hope you hear back
  10. No work at the moment but I’m moving in May to the new place, then traveling for two weeks in July. Maybe I’ll take more trips. I’ll definitely plan on getting a part time job once school starts. Everything’s up in the air and it bothers me so much 😂
  11. Thank you! I finalized my essays and application around Dec 27 and my recs submitted their letters during late December all the way up to Jan 15th.
  12. No, I don't have a BSW. I applied for the two year program.
  13. Just got the acceptance notice today! I might have to decline, though, due to personal reasons 😫 UT is an amazing program so it’s still an honor to be offered admittance.
  14. I have so many options! I want to go into either community, health/medical, or policy social work. I want to work with the disability community and advocate for their rights to access health information, but there are so many ways I can go about that, so I'm hoping my grad school experience will help narrow it down. To hopefully answer your question-- I had an internship last summer at an outpatient therapy clinic where I worked under an LMHC, LMSW and a psychologist. I saw few differences in treatment methods, but obviously the psychologist had "more power" in diagnosing and prescribing
  15. I've been using my trusty MacBook Pro retina since 2014 and it's still good. Before that I owned an ASUS laptop with touch screen for only 3 years and it lagged sooo bad. I highly recommend the MBP-- but I'm not so confident in apple's newer models since they're missing USB and HDMI ports, which are super useful for school. On the other hand, I don't have experience working on the newer MBP so I might be mistaken. Good luck!
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