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  1. I would recommend looking into some cheaper schools if an online program is your only option. I did extensive research on this back in January-February of this year and the cheapest ones I found were Boise State University, University of Central Florida, West Virginia University, and Louisiana State University. But you should do your own research, too. The info is sometimes hard to find but if you sign up to receive more information from certain schools they will try and set up an appointment to call you and sell you on their school, and you can use that phone call to ask them about the tuition per credit hour as well as any other questions you may have.
  2. What is your end goal and what are your other options? If you’re sure you want to be a social worker in the NYC area, it may be worth it. But you are doing the online program, correct? My understanding is that that would lead to fewer networking opportunities. Full disclosure, I turned down Columbia because of the debt, but I also only received 11,000 per year in scholarship funding.
  3. I have no choice but thanks for the warning. I’m very aware of the risks.
  4. I don't have any advice on whether it is possible to work full time while doing an MSW, never having done it, but as for the "paying rent somehow" - a lot of people take out loans to cover rent and other living expenses. This is probably what I'm gonna end up doing, in addition to working part time. It's not ideal, but I want this degree, lol.
  5. I don’t have any answers but I am also curious about the answer to this question!
  6. I completely agree with this. It's pretty normal to feel insecure and worn out after completing your undergrad - I certainly did. Personally, I found asking for recommendations to be the most challenging part of the process for me. The personal statement wasn't fun but I'm a strong writer so I think that helped. Everyone has their strengths, and it sounds like one of yours is definitely your extensive volunteer and leadership experience. I agree with @harpert1 that taking two years off to work and volunteer in the field could be beneficial, but I also recognize that that's easier said than done. In the end you just have to do what's right for you, but I definitely recommend applying to more than one program just in case. There are several good ones in the Chicago area if that's where you wanna be. Good luck to you! You got this.
  7. Seconded. I understand the anxiety, believe me, I do, but one year isn't gonna make a huge difference in the grand scheme of your life.
  8. This is just my two cents but if you're considering staying in VA at all I think you should go to VCU. I've heard from multiple people that VA has some of the strictest licensing requirements in the country (also heard that about NY and California, but it was corroborated by fewer people) which makes it very difficult to practice in VA if you didn't get your license in the state. My old therapist, for example, had to take I think two or three additional classes at VCU after being licensed for ten years in Maryland in order to practice in VA. You may already know this, but I just wanted to make sure you were aware. As @ML878 said, it really just depends on where you want to end up. You should think about where you see yourself living and working long-term and make a choice based on that. Both schools have good reputations in their respective areas so it just depends on where you wanna be. It's a tough choice! Best of luck.
  9. Has anyone registered for classes yet? I almost did it last week but then I remembered reading something about how you need to live in PA for 12 months before registering as a student in order to get in state tuition and I got worried. I found the web page again, but it seems like they take other factors into account as well? http://payments.pitt.edu/pa-tuition-rate-eligibility/ Can anyone help me figure this out? I have no idea how to figure out what they're going to charge me and I'm scared to call them in case it makes them realize they've made a mistake and I should be charged out of state tuition. I really don't think I should be considering I've lived in PA since last August and I'm registered to vote here and everything, but I'm still anxious about it and any help would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Yeah, that's crazy. I applied last year on the 15th and was accepted on April 16th, but they also took upwards of three months to get back to some people who submitted in November/December, so I was just grateful they only took two months to get back to me. It definitely seems like their admissions process could use some fine-tuning. Wishing you all the best!
  11. Thank you! Yeah, I was in a similar position. I was offered a scholarship at Columbia as well, but it was only 11,000 a year and of course the cost is astronomical. Congratulations to you as well and best of luck with everything!
  12. I decided to wait another year and this cycle I only applied to the University of Pittsburgh. I was accepted and I will be matriculating this fall, barring any other major life changes. I don't know that I have any special insight other than that I really wanted to go and it seems like an excellent program! I love New Orleans so much, it may be my favorite city on Earth, and certainly in the US. One thing I would say is make sure to check whether your scholarship is for one year or two - it was my understanding that they only offer scholarships for the first year, which you probably know, but if you didn't, that would be a nasty surprise!
  13. Jealous! I was admitted to Tulane last year with a scholarship also but due to limited job opportunities for my partner in the area, I chose not to attend. The money factor was also daunting considering they only offered the scholarship for one year. Congratulations!
  14. When did you apply? Just asking because I applied on the 2/15 deadline last year and didn't hear back until April 16th (I was accepted, but chose not to go because they only offered me 11,000 in aid). It is definitely very frustrating but I don't think calling them and demanding a decision is the best thing to do if you actually want to go.
  15. Huh, that’s weird, I got something about setting up my email and about field placement today. Did you not get those emails?
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