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  1. GradGirl90

    2018 App Cycle

    I've been accepted to Sam Houston with full funding, and quite honestly this school seems like a terrific fit for me. Still waiting on UMass Lowell, FSU, and UCF. From what I've been told, everyone has already received their acceptance/rejections from FSU, so it sounds like I have been waitlisted....I just don't understand why they wouldn't let me know
  2. GradGirl90

    2018 App Cycle

    This waiting game is killing me. I've only heard back from one school so far. Ugh!!
  3. GradGirl90

    2018 App Cycle

    Sent you a message about it!
  4. GradGirl90

    Fall 2018 Acceptances/Interviews/Rejections Thread

    Don't beat yourself up. I had shitty GRE scores and a lack of pubs, but I just received an invite to Sam Houston's preview weekend. I know...it's stressful as hell. I keep calling schools and checking my email!!
  5. GradGirl90

    2018 App Cycle

    Same. I got an email from them to use Payment works. I've never filled out one of the forms they are asking for so that's been interesting. We should meet up!
  6. GradGirl90

    2018 App Cycle

    Hey guys! Thought I would chime in with my anxiousness! I am still waiting to hear from U of Cincinnati, UMass Lowell, UCF, and FSU. I just had a phone call yesterday from Sam Houston and was invited to their school on March 1st! Looks like I'll be seeing ya there @Mopar18
  7. GradGirl90

    How to frame your SOP? Please help

    Thanks for the response! I'm glad someone could give me some input. I'm mostly wondering about how to frame the statement of purpose for every school, since you are highlighting why you want to go to that particular school. It would make sense to me to incorporate research areas that at least some of the faculty are doing. I've been told if your areas of interest don't line up with any of the faculty, there's no way they'll admit you to the program. So if I'm interested in working with the professors at Rutgers who specialize in wildlife crime, and then I'm also interested in the faculty working on biosocial research at FSU, wouldn't it make sense to speak to that? Basically, tailoring your SOP to that particular school makes the most sense to me. I will look into the book you posted.
  8. GradGirl90

    How to frame your SOP? Please help

    Anyone have any suggestions?
  9. I have a slightly complicated question, but it revolves around framing my SOP for PhD programs. I am interested in so many different areas of criminal justice and criminology. I seem to be uncovering more and more areas that interest me. For instance, i just discovered that "wildlife crime" is an area of CJ research! That is very exciting to me. I still, however, have many more interests (biosocial crim, lifecourse crim, mental illness in prisons, etc). So my question is this - how do you frame your SOP when you have quite a few areas of interest? For example, would i address my interests in lifecourse crim and violence to UMD and then address my interest in wildlife crime and crime mapping for Rutgers? I guess a simpler way of putting it is this - should i be tailoring my SOP to the faculty at that particular school? Also, how do you explain all of this to your professors who are writing your letter of recommendation? Do you just tell them you have "various research interests" and list off a few of them? I don't want to seem like i can't make up my mind about what i want to research. I'm just passionate about many different things. Thanks all!
  10. GradGirl90

    Medical marijuana use as a PhD holder?

    Thank you for all of the replies. @maelia8 I am currently in GA but i have no idea where i will end up doing my PhD. @akraticfanatic Yes, i totally agree and understand that if i am doing government work i will be drug tested. No question there. I was mostly wondering about academia because i really had never heard of grad students or professors being drug tested.
  11. Hi all, I am really interested in biosocial crim and neurocrim, and i will therefore be applying to schools that have faculty actively involved in researching those topics. The main schools i know of for this are UPenn, FSU, and UCin. Luckily, there is also a new professor here (i'm in GA) at GSU who researches those areas, so i'm going to apply there too. I have not taken my GRE yet, but i am going to be taking it in May. I was wondering if anyone has been admitted to UPenn and FSU with funding? I know all schools are competitive, but i feel that UPenn and FSU are especially competitive. UPenn emphasizes research experience (i've only done volunteer work in an advocacy group) and FSU wants certain GRE scores. I've heard from some of you that FSU is picky about offering funding. If anyone has been admitted to those two schools, (with funding) could you possibly tell me about your student profile? I'm nervous since i have a MS and no research experience. I do have a 3.788 grad GPA though and the advocacy volunteer experience. I feel like UPenn isn't going to acknowledge me with my lack of research, and i'd rather not waste money applying there if that is the case. Thanks!
  12. GradGirl90

    Informal Rankings

    I have a question about this. How did you sort the schools? I looked on the Carnegie classification website, and there seems to be a few options on how to sort the list. Based upon what you said, i assume you just looked at the 'Doctoral Rankings: Highest Research Activity". But how do you know if these schools are doing a lot of research in CJ/crim specifically? Does it only matter that they are ranked highly for research in general? If that's the case, it makes me very happy to see Georgia State University on there because that is the school closest to my location
  13. GradGirl90

    The Taboo Topic: Funding

    Those are interesting questions. I'm curious to know what others think as well.
  14. Hello all! I'm due to take my GRE in almost one month (starting to freak out a little). I've been doing a lot of research on various CJ/crim Phd programs. I have a list of several i plan on applying to. However, i'm curious about the sociology PhD programs with a crim/CJ focus. I've been told different things...some people say that there really isn't much crim to study in those programs and they were bored; others really liked it because it varies the subject matter up a bit. I've been looking into some soc programs that have a crim focus in Colorado. I've also, of course, been told that criminologists ARE sociologists just with a focus in crime. I tend to disagree a little with this because criminology and CJ are becoming subjects of their own. It's not just the little sister of sociology anymore. What do you guys think? Are soc programs worth pursuing if nearly all of your interests align with CJ (juvenile justice, biosocial factors, mental illness in prisons, etc). I think a soc program might be interesting, but i don't want it to eliminate the things i want to research the most. Lastly, has anyone been told before that having a soc PhD opens more doors for jobs than a CJ PhD? I've been told that before by one person, but i'm not sure how true that is.
  15. GradGirl90

    Decent PhD programs in CO and GA?

    Hmm..i don't know about that. Water fountains, really? I've always felt more of a passion for CJ\crim programs because they encompass more of what I'm interested in. I think I'd be much happier getting a CJ\crim PhD and focus some on sociology than a soc PhD and focusing somewhat on crime. Some people have stated a soc PhD is more "marketable" because universities can always hire soc PhD holders to teach CJ courses, but i'm not sure how accurate that is for today's job market.

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