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  1. Fall 2018 Acceptances/Interviews/Rejections Thread

    gotcha! Congrats! I guess if you heard from them earlier today, then the rest of us can assume rejection! Just felt a little sting of "not feeling good enough" for any top 40 programs, but one acceptance is good enough right? This just made my decision a bit easier.
  2. Fall 2018 Acceptances/Interviews/Rejections Thread

    First UPenn acceptance! Who wants to claim it? And care to share some details?!?!?
  3. Fall 2018 Acceptances/Interviews/Rejections Thread

    What a waste of $95 dollars! To tell you the truth, their program is a bit disorganized for me. One of the professors I wanted to work with left anyway.
  4. Fall 2018 Acceptances/Interviews/Rejections Thread

    I e-mailed the graduate assistant of the department and said: "At this time I'm unable to give you an answer we are still waiting for the Dean's office to approve our list. Please give us a few more weeks. " So, maybe early March at the earliest.
  5. Fall 2018 Acceptances/Interviews/Rejections Thread

    UPDATE for Penn State I just called the department and the Graduate Support Assistant mentioned that they'll be sending out e-mails to those waitlisted. They couldn't tell me whether or not who's on the waitlist, but assume a rejection if you don't hear from them tomorrow.
  6. Fall 2018 Acceptances/Interviews/Rejections Thread

    U Penn according to another poster is releasing them in the next week or so. So fingers crossed!
  7. Fall 2018 Acceptances/Interviews/Rejections Thread

    Thank you! I'm talking to the graduate director today and have a million questions including funding!
  8. Fall 2018 Acceptances/Interviews/Rejections Thread

    @AnnaGG Gotcha! Guessing if we didn't hear from them, we got rejected right?
  9. Fall 2018 Acceptances/Interviews/Rejections Thread

    @KevinJHa yeah I did. I just haven't said anything on here since everyone is concerned about the big name schools on here so I decided to keep the news to myself. I haven't heard about funding, but going to talk to the grad director tomorrow and I have a million questions to ask about the program! Lol.
  10. Fall 2018 Acceptances/Interviews/Rejections Thread

    Did you speak to Audra Rodgers? She's the graduate coordinator (?) and I was about to e-mail her today about the status.... I'm in the same boat as you since I'm speaking to a grad director tomorrow. Once I find out about funding and ask her my 1 million questions, I'm pretty sure I'm set to make a decision since I haven't heard back from Penn State, Penn, or Vandy. I really thought Penn, Penn State, and UAB was a good fit for me... Just need to know and accept UAB if I'm didn't get into Penn & Penn State. So... I'm assuming a mass rejected & acceptance notifications next week then huih?
  11. Fall 2018 Acceptances/Interviews/Rejections Thread

    Although I didn't apply to UWM, I do agree that programs tell me directly that I'm rejected. It's hard waiting to see if we get in or not because all of our life circumstances are SOOOOOO different. I told my mom this and she told me to just not base everything on decisions (and I see her point)... however, from what happened this application cycle... I was about to purchase Sam Smith AND Justin Timberlake tickets for their concerts in August and December respectively, I get an e-mail about an acceptance. Don't get me wrong, I'm ELATED and THROUGH THE MOON about it, but sometimes it's very hard to move on with life or look forward to things if life throws a curve ball. Lol. I'm still waiting on Penn State, U Penn, and Vanderbilt.
  12. Phd in IU Bloomington or UT Austin

    also, location. you need to see yourself living in that place for at 5 years.
  13. Phd in IU Bloomington or UT Austin

    You should consider weather and opportunities that are available to you (i.e. Teaching training, graduate minors, etc.)
  14. Fall 2018 Acceptances/Interviews/Rejections Thread

    Anyone care to claim the Penn State acceptance??? I'm losing my mind over here! LOL