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  1. Thank you very much. I got an apartment on campus but I'm not sure if I would need a car. Do you think public transport is enough to cater for my needs?
  2. Do I still need to submit a certificate of finance before my I-20 is issued? I got a tuition waiver and a yearly stipend that covers the cost of the program. I accepted the admission offer about 5 days ago and it's been radio silence since then.
  3. How were you able to cope in the cold weather? How's the internet service?
  4. Hello, I got the following mail from the Program Director about a month ago: "Thank you for taking time to talk with us yesterday. We will be making offers for admission before March 15." I'm yet to receive an offer. Does this mean I have been rejected? Thank you for your time.
  5. Hello, I'm an international student and I interviewed on Jan 31. After my interview, the program director told me the department will send out offers before March 15. I know its just the 2nd of March but the suspense is killing me. Should I contact the program director and ask for my admission status? Thank you for your time.
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