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  1. congrats to the UVA admit! if you dont mind claiming it, im curious to know if you received an interview before getting accepted or if the acceptance email was the first time you heard from them
  2. Not sure if they're done making decisions, but Penn State started sending out acceptances in late January
  3. I see that uchicago already sent out acceptances and rejections, but i havent heard anything yet. there's nothing to see in my app portal either. i understand this likely means rejection, but it seems a little odd that i havent received a notification of any kind yet. anybody else in the same boat or have some insight?
  4. congrats to the two who posted their invites to visit day at notre dame! do either of you (or anybody here) know if they're done sending out invites? if so, should not receiving one (my case, as of now) be interpreted as a rejection? this may be an overly-optimistic thought, but i live pretty far away from the university, so i thought that distance could possibly be a factor as to who is offered the invite and who isn't
  5. Thank you everyone! I was under the impression that most programs interview before deciding to accept a candidate. Is this not the case?
  6. Hey, Was just wondering if anyone could offer any advice as to what kind of questions an applicant can expect if offered an interview. Haven't been offered one yet, but figured it would be best to prepare sooner rather than later. Not entirely sure how to go about it, tho.
  7. Sure thing, thanks for the response. One was for the research center at my university. So I was working with Profs at my university, but their work was concerned with outreach to local government and occasional news articles moreso than work for academic journals. I had another one that was within the research department of a policy think tank. My tasks included lit reviews, data collection, making graphs/tables, and summarizing long reports my boss didnt feel like reading
  8. I used to be a Research Intern and I'm not sure if that's worth putting on a CV for a PhD application. Thoughts? Also, are the job titles "Research Intern" and "Research Assistant" interchangeable or would that be too much of a stretch?
  9. I used to be a Research Intern and I'm not sure if that's worth putting on a CV for a PhD application. Thoughts? Also, are the job titles "Research Intern" and "Research Assistant" interchangeable or would that be too much of a stretch?
  10. Great, thank you so much for your advice. Just a quick follow-up: one reason I'm considering combining my research positions with my other relevant employment underneath a "Work Experience" or "Professional Experience" section is because I worked as a Research Assistant in 2015, then worked outside of research for three straight years, and then took another research position in 2018. I'm concerned if someone is skimming my CV, they'll see the gap in the research experience section without thinking to consider my other work experiences (as I have no employment gaps). Considering this gap i
  11. I'm editing my CV for sociology PhD applications and am unsure of two things. Perhaps there is no right answer, but I'd love to hear any advice. 1. Should I create a separate "Research Experience" section or is it alright if I simply put all positions (excluding irrelevant positions like part-time kitchen jobs, of course) under a "Work Experience" section? 2. I have been credited on publications before (e.g. "Research Assistant Esenabla assisted with this piece" written at the end of a report) but I have yet to author my own work. Would I create a "Publications" section for the works
  12. One of the profs writing my letter of rec recently asked me if he would simply receive a link from the school to which I apply in order to submit his letter. I'm not sure. Does anyone know how professors go about submitting the letter? Thanks in advance!
  13. I'm very interested in the work being done in the sociology department at The New School, but I've heard funding for PhD students is a nightmare. Does anyone know if this is still the case? Also- I was surprised as to how low in the rankings NSSR stands. Their faculty members are well-known and they produced Berger, after all. Does anybody know why they fare poorly in the rankings? thanks in advance
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