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  1. sociopolitic

    PhD or Harvard MA?

    Generally speaking, I personally would not take on debt in pursuit of a sociology PhD. I'd probably take the PhD offer. That said, without knowing more details about your situation, it's hard to know what to recommend. There are some subfields (such as my own, lol) that don't have as wide a range of job market options as others (i.e. stratification and other topics at the core of the field). If you plan on going into an area like religion or culture, it might be worth getting your MA and trying to land in a higher ranked program. That's hard to say for sure though, because there are programs in the range of ranks you specified that are really, really good at getting their students tenure-track jobs. I also think it's probably important to come up with a solid estimate of how much debt you'd need to take on to get the MA. That'll make the whole cost/benefit analysis easier, I think. PM me if you'd like to talk more but don't want to post tons of details on here!
  2. sociopolitic

    Interviews/Acceptances/Rejections Fall 2019

    Why can't I stop checking this site?! The application cycle ended for me with my final rejection last week! I have a problem...
  3. How many responses has it gotten thus far?
  4. sociopolitic

    Am I a Competitive PhD Applicant? Fall 2021 Hopeful

    I think I would recommend getting your GREs up if at all possible. Your profile is generally strong, but without research experience in soc (unless your publication is super sociological) I think getting your scores up would be very helpful. No matter what, you definitely need to make it clear why you're going into soc and not polisci. (I'd be happy to help in that regard -- I majored in both!) I think your GRE might be less important if you had a "name brand" degree, so to speak, but I'd say bumping your score a bit can likely make up for that, especially since your GPA is excellent.
  5. sociopolitic

    Negotiating Stipends/varied amounts within cohort

    I've heard that with its prominent grad student union, Michigan offers all its students the same package. I can't confirm this for certain, though, because I'm definitely too terrified to have even asked (the voice of paranoia in my head is convinced they'll rescind my admission lol)
  6. sociopolitic

    Interviews/Acceptances/Rejections Fall 2019

    Well, if we're labeled as "weirdos" for being polite, I think I'm cool with it!
  7. sociopolitic

    Interviews/Acceptances/Rejections Fall 2019

    Oh I hadn't even thought about this yet... I'll probably email whomever informed me of my acceptance a polite email that says something to the effect of "I'm honored by the offer, but after much thought I've decided to attend University X." Academic sociology is a pretty small world, so they'll likely find out where you're headed anyway -- might as well be the one the giving the news! Surely establishing an early reputation for friendliness and professionalism can't hurt!
  8. sociopolitic

    Interviews/Acceptances/Rejections Fall 2019

    I'm not super close with any of my recommenders, but I'm definitely giving them thank you cards! If you're wore a gift is too much, I think a card is a good route to take
  9. sociopolitic

    Interviews/Acceptances/Rejections Fall 2019

    I'd also be happy to look over SOPs and offer suggestions! I definitely took more of the "strictly business" route that @jriveracalmentioned. I still briefly touch upon the development of my research interests, but the majority of my SOP is spent outlining in rather broad strokes the research agenda that I hope to pursue in grad school and beyond. I also connected this proposed research to work that's currently being done in sociology. Please feel free to PM me! I'd love to read about everybody's research, and if I can be of any help, even better!
  10. I love this idea! There are a handful of articles about the PhD program hierarchy of hiring but much less information about the stratififying structure of PhD admissions, so I'd love to see a lot of responses to this survey!
  11. sociopolitic

    Interviews/Acceptances/Rejections Fall 2019

    I think they've only sent out rejections to those they interviewed but did not admit. Does that help at all?
  12. sociopolitic

    Interviews/Acceptances/Rejections Fall 2019

    Is it too soon to point out that this makes no sense? It's almost like "I know you are but what am I?" except it doesn't mean that even a little bit. Anyway, cut it out y'all. This site (and the field) is (are) better off without trolls.
  13. sociopolitic

    Interviews/Acceptances/Rejections Fall 2019

    I'm really glad to hear that you're happy with where you're headed! I actually have a background in political science as well, so our interests might be pretty similar (in terms of being interested in the role culture plays in politics) but I found that political science programs don't allow for as much focus on culture as I'd personally prefer. Sociology is great about allowing interdisciplinary work though, so maybe I'll see you at conferences one day! Best of luck!
  14. sociopolitic

    Interviews/Acceptances/Rejections Fall 2019

    Will you be going to Boston University then? Maybe you can apply to transfer to Brown in a couple years (after the Masters perhaps?) if your heart's still set on going there!
  15. sociopolitic

    Interviews/Acceptances/Rejections Fall 2019

    I agree completely. Nobody should be accusing anyone of being cold-hearted or callous until they've walked a mile in that person's shoes.

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