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  1. CUNY is good on quali studies... but I'm not so sure about historical studies. Many of CUNY's researches evolve around NYC itself (studies on urban and immigration are the two subjects immediately pop up). I'd have to second @THS on this, you may have better luck in the anthropology department. Oh and also check out UChicago, quali has kind of been their tradition good luck!
  2. I'd object. If you're looking for a program to test the water. Try UChicago one's. that's a better bet, and they offer (though limited) funding opportunities even to master students. Columbia's MA is too pricy. If you must stay in NYC, or still thinking about Columbia, the QMSS program is better.
  3. -another possbile way is to write to a professor whose research you're interested in -- they might recommend other *better fit* professors to you. - also related to the anthropology vs. sociology issue... you might want to also take into account that the mainstream sociology (in the US) has this tendency of "if you don't count, you don't count." If you're interested in qualitative methods and found yourself more comfortable doing ethnography or alike. Anthrology could turn out to be a better fit.
  4. ahhh, thank you, I got another waitlist today... Well, Albany emailed and offered admission, however I'm on waitlist for funding. You know the drill... no funding no go...
  5. Got my first official rejection today. . Based on the results posted on gradcafe, I assume at least other 4 rejections on the way. So far no offers, only got into two waitlist. Exhuasted and frustrated.
  6. Hi guys, first of all, thanks for anyone who can bear to read through this post because I screwed up big time and have been panicking for months. Any advise would be appreciated, thanks so very much --So, I asked two of my professors to write my recommendation last December. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to anywhere and I have been too ashamed and awkward to write back to them. (Then I was caught up in hospital… but I don’t think I should/ want to “use” it as a pretext for procrastination and avoidance…) Then it just came to the point that I don’t even know how and what t
  7. Program: PhD in Sociology Schools Applying To: NYU, Cornell, UChicago, Northwestern, UPenn, Yale, Berkeley, Long-listed Schools: UCLA, UCSB, U Texas -Austin, Brown, UTronto & ??? Interests: culture, urban (space/community forming process); stratification* & inequality – social mobility, social control & regulation, social class, gender; *to be more specific I’m hoping to study how and why individuals are stratified through internal choices but more importantly external forces. Or, how social structure** controls and restrains individual’s social mobility.
  8. So... I've received great advice through PM And, under his/her permission, I'm posting it below ↓ For Argument prompts, there are 3 types of errors to tackle in almost ANY prompt 1. Causal assumptions: Event A leads to event B. (A training course was provided to workers. The sales increased. It is the training that improves sales) Ways to attack: give examples of OTHER CAUSES + In the given pretext, there is no way to ascertain that the provided training is in fact the causal force behind the improved sales. A number of unmentioned circumstances
  9. -- if you have completed paper at hand, you could try to publish it. Typically, the time need to publish an article is 6 months or so, there's still time. If you managed to get you paper ACCEPTED by a journal, that could also work. Good luck
  10. Just a brief comment -- you might want to write a longer essay... 500 words or so
  11. Hi there, I'm preparing for the application in sociology too and already took the G ( though probably would re-take one later) I made a spreadsheet as well...
  12. Hi guys, so... I've took the exam and got good enough scores on verbal and quant (165+)... The problem is I'm stuck on AW with a 3.5 . Since I'll be applying for social science and I saw that admitted students average score is around 5.0... I'll probably re-take the exam, but before that I need to figure out how to improve the AW while but I'm having trouble to grapple with the writing required by ETS For argument, my method is to 1) briefly summarize the logic fellow of the passage 2) points out the fallacies committed by the author 3) detail analysis of 3-4 fallacies with alt
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