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  1. I'd like to follow this topic. I have two kids...not sure if I will have to pay taxes on my stipend
  2. If you have the time to focus on studying to improve, I would recommend it...just because you don't want to give them a reason to have hesitation towards your "aptitude". But I personally don't think GRE scores are a hit or miss thing....If you have other areas in which you are strong, I think generally programs will not oust you just because of a less than stellar GRE score. I'm probably not the best person to ask tho because my GRE scores are shit lol
  3. Given the fact that you self-admittedly have no research exp in soc...I would definitely make it a priority to highlight the shit out of WHY SOC in your SoP. Connect any experience you do have to soc, if possible. Also, given that you were previously in a Ph.D. program and left, I would deffffinitely highlight WHY NOW (and why not then) in your SoP.
  4. Same. lol. I saw on Ph.D. stipends that Michigan's all look similar, but do vary sliiiiightly. Want to compare funding packages? If so, message me.
  5. Everyone I've spoken to has said to go for it [ask for more funding]...As long as you are asking for something you would really need in order for X university to be a feasible option for you, it can't hurt to ask. That being said, I haven't tried to ask yet lol. Also, if anyone wants to talk compare funding packages for schools, hmu. I want to make sure I'm not getting gypped here and am finding Ph.D. stipends reports to vary widely as well. I'd be particularly interested in comparing Michigan funding packages if anyone is down, but I'd be more than happy to share my funding info for the
  6. That's how I feel, I just didn't want to come off as a weirdo if this wasn't common practice.
  7. I don't want to be "that guy" again... but what is the appropriate way to reject an offer? Like after you fill out the form should you email anyone? For example, should you email the graduate chair/director of graduate studies? If you had a phone interview, should you reach out to that prof too or......?
  8. I'd be happy to look at anyone's SoP, either now or in the future, for any feedback that may be helpful. I worked on my SoP every day for three months and I would definitely say that it was what really nailed my applications. One thing I think that's worth mentioning is that I did not heed advice for keeping my SoP, "strictly business" as most people are prone to advise. My statement was extremely personal and linked my experiences with what I want to research. I actually only had one paragraph on why I was "qualified" to be admitted into their program [but I did describe my research exp
  9. Since all of the responses are anonymous I think it would be fine to share the data. Still waiting for responses though! 32 so far, with one today and a few yesterday...then I'd be more than happy to share. These are super helpful suggestions. I've never made my own survey before so I just made up questions as I went along. Assessing student loan debt would definitely be a helpful indicator for individual SES. I also really like the idea of assessing an individual's confidence in getting into graduate school. I applied to 14 programs because I had extreme doubt that I would be able to
  10. Thank you! I switched it a multiple answer question because idk how to fix the problem otherwise lol. This is the first survey I've made so all feedback is appreciated!
  11. https://berkeley.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_dopQ3R8ekJxQXt3 All responses are anonymous and I promise the survey is in no way affiliated with Berkeley or Berkeley Haas lol it's just a template from my work that I couldn't figure how to remove. They survey slightly reeks of elitism as I ask questions about the rankings of schools you applied for and their outcomes, but I'm just really interested in seeing the demographics of you all and trying to see if there is any relation between certain demographics and admission into different ranked programs. It would mean a lot if people wo
  12. I genuinely never meant to upset anyone and I sincerely apologize that I did. For what it's worth, I'm not having a quarter-life crisis because I "don't know if I should go to Harvard or XYZ". Rather, I am honestly feeling a lot of sadness and anxiety in trying to navigate what the most feasible option is for myself as a mother with two children. I am finding that the institutional supports for low-income student parents at many of these institutions is simply non-existant. It's not like I'm expecting luxury, but things like having an institution willing to cover my children's healthcare
  13. If anyone else is having a quarter-life crisis from trying to look into schools and make decisions, please PM me and let's cry together (or just share knowledge/relate to each other...that's cool too lol).
  14. Just saw a Princeton admit! Congratulations whoever you are!
  15. If I had a dollar for every email in my inbox that wasn't from Princeton...
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