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  1. high_hopes

    SSHRC Doctoral Award/CGS (funding for 2018-2019)

    When are they going to announce the results publicly?? Anyone have any insights?
  2. high_hopes

    Vanier 2018-2019

    No. And if you get a SSHRC you cannot apply for the Vanier.
  3. high_hopes

    Vanier 2018-2019

    I was really disappointed to not get the Vanier last year - I was ranked in the 70s. So close, but not close enough (at all). I did get a SSHRC which I am really thankful for. It also means I cannot apply for the Vanier this year, so less anxiety on that front. I have a friend who got the Vanier the second time he applied, and she says that waiting a year really improved her application a lot. Hopefully you have the same experience! (But try not to think about it until April )
  4. high_hopes

    Vanier 2018-2019

    Good luck, @CrazyPugLady! I think you have to wait until April now for results. However, it sounds like you have a good chance--congratulations on all you have accomplished in the last year!
  5. high_hopes

    The long haul

    When I was waiting for results, this forum was anxiety-producing. Time away from my phone and computer was the healthiest thing I could do. Once the applications are submitted, it is out of your control. I'm realizing now that there are similar experiences throughout graduate school: waiting for news on competitive fellowships, teaching assignments, reviews of journal articles, and then applying for jobs! 😢 So, do your best to take some deep breaths and step away from the anxiety if at all possible. Good luck!
  6. high_hopes

    Trudeau 2019

    You can always apply the following year as well! And if you get it later then the funding will last longer through the program and not overlap as much with the SSHRC or Vanier. I would love to get the Trudeau this year because it would mean I could have an additional year of funding for my degree.
  7. high_hopes

    Trudeau 2019

    The information is now on the website. It also looks like they are making a greater effort to promote bilingualism and to have selected scholars organize conferences. There also appears to be more flexibility in who your references are than last year. Good luck to everyone who is applying! Edit: It also looks like the universities are much more restricted in the number of applications they can forward--it is only 4 for Canadian universities and 3 for international universities. If I remember correctly, last year Canadian universities could forward eight applications.
  8. high_hopes

    Trudeau 2019

    I wonder if the amount and duration of the award and the number of awards they will give out will stay the same. I am not sure, but I don't think that 3rd year PhD students were eligible last year, but it looks like they are eligible now.
  9. high_hopes

    Trudeau 2019

    I still can't see any information about how it works this year? Last year it was the universities that forwarded candidates for consideration; it wasn't possible to apply directly to the Trudeau Foundation.
  10. high_hopes

    Trudeau 2019

    I am so curious what the announcement will be tomorrow!!
  11. high_hopes

    PhD A or PhD B?

    I suggest applying to Program B. If you get in, then go and visit and see how you feel about the two places, considering the many factors @AP has mentioned. It might be the better choice. It is hard to know for sure until you get a sense of what they would offer you if you are admitted in terms of teaching fellowships (or preferably other funding arrangements so you can spend more time on research), advisors, etc.
  12. If you are in Germany then I want to qualify my response. I have heard in a few different contexts that in Germany in particular PhDs are often needed for certain public sector jobs. This is much less common in Canada and the USA.
  13. I worked full-time for eight years before coming back to school for my PhD. I am now a few years into my PhD and in my early 30s. One sometimes demoralizing aspect about being in grad school is the lack of immediate rewards or sense of accomplishment. For example, now that I'm done my coursework, there are very few markers of success, and often there are long periods of waiting for feedback on articles or comprehensive exams. If you are used to getting quick gratification from things at work, this can be different. Furthermore, it is possible to get lost in the shuffle in grad school. Advisors can be slow in getting back to you or somewhat disinterested in your work, and projects can take much longer than expected. I have a fantastic relationship with my supervisor, so I have avoided this specific issue, but I others in my program struggle with this. With that said, I am so glad to be back at school. There are stressful times and I miss some of the structure of my old job (I never thought I would say that!) but the ability to study topics that fascinate me and read and research full-time is a real joy. However, I have had to change my spending habits. Make sure you enter a program where you really know what your funding will be like, and have a good sense of how quickly people complete the program.
  14. Hi Simone, for your second question. I'm not sure which country you are in, but in most countries PhDs are not required to get good jobs with the government or private institutions. If you are not interested in working as a professor, then perhaps a PhD isn't necessary and might end up just causing more stress, time, and money than necessary.
  15. high_hopes

    Trudeau 2019

    Good to know! Thanks for posting!

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