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  1. high_hopes

    Tips for a JD about sociology PhD?

    I recommend thinking who your reference letter writers will be and booking meetings with them to see what they think is feasible for you to pursue. If they are professors you have lost connection with, showing up again will be helpful. Also, drafting a SoP will help you focus on what your research interests are, and you can meet with your referees and discuss it with them. Sociology of law and criminology are areas that are receiving increasing prominence and the job market for criminology professors in particular is quite good.
  2. SSHRC doesn't follow up on whether we do the study we proposed. They just check with the university if we are still enrolled before making next year's payments.
  3. If it is like SSHRC they never ask you about the research you are doing. You can change your topic without any penalty.
  4. high_hopes

    About NSERC scholarship for studying in the USA

    People often apply year after year as they hope to get in. You certainly can. In the social sciences previous publications are incredibly important. I think you need to ensure you have at least one academic reference. It would be helpful if you could talk to someone who has received a fellowship from NSERC to confirm all this advice I am giving you. Because the guidelines for appropriate referees may be different in computer science from the social sciences. The referee should speak to your ability to do research well. I am applied through the Canadian university I am currently studying at, so my process was somewhat different and my referees sent their references directly to the graduate administrator in my program.
  5. high_hopes

    About NSERC scholarship for studying in the USA

    As a disclaimer, I'm speaking from my experience with SSHRC again, and it could possibly be different with NSERC. There is no compliance requirement where they check what your topic is. If you're successful in applying to SSHRC/NSERC/CIHR, no one asks if you are actually researching what you've proposed. The application process ensures that you are able to identify and describe what good and compelling research would be, but it doesn't mandate any type of compliance afterwards. I think that the funding agencies know that grad students will change their minds about what they study as they learn more and as new or different opportunities come up. If the faculty who are writing your reference letters are familiar with the process, they may ask to see your detailed proposal so they can comment on how feasible it is. Good luck!
  6. high_hopes

    About NSERC scholarship for studying in the USA

    I believe you can apply now. For SSHRC it is possible to apply before you begin the program, but I'm not 100% certain for NSERC as I am less familiar with it.
  7. high_hopes

    Personal Statement in Sociology

    Your personal statement should demonstrate that you know some of the research that has been completed on your topic of interest and can propose a research project that would add to this knowledge. Universities in North America generally have limited numbers of funded spots for international students. They are highly competitive and require that you have a good fit with the research strengths of the department. Universities that provide funding generally consider you for funding if you apply at the normal application deadline. Your own country may have some funding opportunities available as well from some type of national funding agency which you could investigate. Ask the professors who will be writing your letters of recommendation if they know of anything.
  8. high_hopes

    About NSERC scholarship for studying in the USA

    I'm not sure. I'm in the social sciences and applied to (and received) a SSHRC Doctoral fellowship based on my own research proposal. My research aligns with my advisor's research, but we don't have a lab set-up common in the natural sciences. I think that just as important as your planned research is your ability to do good work as demonstrated in your transcripts, previous work and possibly publications, and reference letters.
  9. high_hopes

    About NSERC scholarship for studying in the USA

    What type of graduate program are you considering? If it is a PhD, you can apply to the Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarships-Doctoral Program and NSERC Postgraduate Scholarships-Doctoral Program. http://www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/Students-Etudiants/PG-CS/BellandPostgrad-BelletSuperieures_eng.asp#apply The Michael Smith Foreign Study supplement you provided a link to is for people who hold the doctoral fellowship I've mentioned above.
  10. high_hopes

    SSHRC Doctoral Award/CGS (funding for 2018-2019)

    It's true. If your volunteer/service work is relevant to your research you can mention it in your program of study. Otherwise, it isn't relevant to how you are evaluated (see http://www.sshrc-crsh.gc.ca/funding-financement/programs-programmes/fellowships/doctoral-doctorat-eng.aspx#a6) so I guess they don't ask for it.
  11. high_hopes

    September Top Posters

    Wow! If I'm a top poster that means there aren't many people active on this site! 🤣😂
  12. There are definitely people who have eclectic backgrounds who succeed in sociology. What did you study before your MA? Are you able to refer to some sociological theories or methods in your personal statement, and does your background inform in some what what you want to study? If it does, then I wouldn't worry at all. If they don't fit together, then don't worry too much about the background and just focus on your application. Hopefully the professors writing your reference letters will be able to tie things together for you and explain why sociology is a good fit for your plans. I think for international students in particular your GRE results can also play a role in whether your application stands out or not.
  13. high_hopes

    Trudeau 2019

    So many possibilities. I wonder how dramatically it will change. Perhaps they might change who is eligible so much that they focus on applicants a different stage of their PhD? I'm totally projecting my fears onto the process though...
  14. high_hopes

    Do sociology programs put much weight on GRE?

    I found Magoosh (https://gre.magoosh.com/) super helpful for GRE prep. I recommend checking it out if you're planning to write again.

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