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  1. I haven't used AirBnB in Vancouver: I have in other cities and usually it is OK. However there can be some privacy concerns depending on the accommodation situation. Have you looked at lodging at UBC or SFU? Often universities have cheaper rooms in their residences during the summer available for short stays, and particularly for conferences.
  2. If you get a SSHRC you will receive the full amount of the award from SSHRC. Any TA or RA work would then be extra money in your pocket, but your university might hesitate to give you this work if you have more external funding than other students.
  3. I received an email today from the Trudeau Foundation saying I wasn't selected. Best of luck to everyone still in the running!
  4. Last year the results were late: received on April 5th. They sent an email to applicants once the results were released to check the online portal. Best of luck to everyone waiting, and if you can find a way to distract yourself do it!
  5. Thanks! Let's hope that we (or someone else visiting this board) will have something to share regarding the interview process and that we don't get screened out beforehand!
  6. Hi @ttwi have you heard any news? Or anyone else? I was also shortlisted by my university and am anxiously wondering if any news will be forthcoming. It is now the first day of spring so time for the interviews!
  7. When I was deciding between two universities a few years ago, the one university told me they could look into matching the funding offer of the other. But I had already decided I preferred the other university that was offering me more $$ so I didn't pursue this. It doesn't hurt to ask at all: tell them you are considering fit but also cost of living and ability to focus on your research and the financial resources needed, and you are wondering if they are able to match what another university offered you.
  8. If you receive a Bombardier CGS SSHRC doctoral fellowship (the one that is $35,000/yr) or the Vanier, then you can apply for the Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement which gives up to $6000 for international study. You need a host supervisor at the institution in the other country. More info: http://www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/Students-Etudiants/PG-CS/CGSForeignStudy-BESCEtudeEtranger_eng.asp
  9. I got my results in the mail on May 1st last year. That was also the day I received a confirmation email from my university.
  10. I agree - it is part of your advisor's job to review what you have written. I had an earlier situation earlier this year and my advisor actually had to tell me that -- he went out of his way to say "of course I will read what you have written; that is part of my job." It was reassuring.
  11. I recommend asking some grad students who are already in your program what they do to cover expenses and what they can tell you about the local job market. There may be some cool opportunities that come up at the university closer to the beginning of the semester.
  12. There are two streams for applications to be considered: direct entry or from a nominating university in Canada. I am guessing the number of 236 is the number of direct entry applicants not screened out at the first stage but rather sent for consideration with those who met the short-list from their own university?
  13. Congratulations @ttwi! The timeline is found on this website at "2019 competition key dates": http://www.trudeaufoundation.ca/en/programs/scholarships/become-scholar
  14. I don't have any specific advice to give as I've never applied myself, but I would say go for it! The best way to ensure you don't get the award is to not apply. Also, I tend to think that just being authentically you is the best approach - so go for the humanities approach as it better represents what you are interested in.
  15. Congratulations!! That is very exciting news.
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