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  1. I applied to Oxford's MSc in Visual, Material and Museum Anthropology I haven't heard anything (applied in January), and I'm going absolutely nuts. It's a small program and there's not a lot of (consistent) information about when notifications go out, so I've been checking my email every two minutes
  2. When they say "two to three pages," do they mean single spaced or double spaced? because I can't find an answer to that anywhere I'm at 1.25 pages single spaced, 2.5 double spaced and I've said all I really think I need to say. please help!
  3. Hello! I didn't see one of these already, but please point me there if it already exists. Who all is applying to the Rhodes this year? And does anyone know at all when they usually tell folks if they've made it to the interview stage? Best, The Most Nervous Person In the Land
  4. I was honest on mine about mental health issues and the grant was not revoked. I know other people who were similarly straightforward about anxiety and depression and were not discriminated against. I think they do want to see that you are addressing any issues you have, that you are in therapy (or physical therapy, or seeing a doc, etc), and that you haven't applied to put yourself in a situation where you won't have any access at all to things that make the world safer for you.
  5. I posted about the Rhodes ages ago and didn't get any responses. Basically, I'm finding it hard to penetrate the mystique of the Rhodes and get real answers on application questions. I would welcome ANY information (or commiseration) from anyone, at this point. This is the last year I'm eligible (age-wise) for the Rhodes, so I'm going to apply. I have a pretty compelling through-line from my work in college, to my Fulbright post-college, to my professional career post-Fulbright. But I need more education in order to do work with a greater impact, hence, applying to Oxford. My c
  6. Hey y'all, The GradCafe thread for my application year was incredibly helpful to me when I applied to Fulbright. Just on this thread briefly to offer myself as a resource to any potential Malaysia ETA applicants. I had an amazing, marvelous, wonderful time in Malaysia and I would be happy to talk about the program there to anyone curious. If you're not curious because you don't care about Malaysia, first: shame on you. Second: it's probably the best commission for ETAs out there, the level of support is unparalleled. They gave us a house AND a car AND a Fulbrighter as a roommate AND
  7. Hey all, Haven't posted here in ages. This time two years ago, I was panicking about Fulbrights. Now I've finished up my grant (awww yissss), and I'm looking forward. Next year is the last year I'll be eligible to apply to the Rhodes, and I'm thinking of going for it. My university will support me, though they haven't had a Rhodes Scholar in forty years, so they don't have much information to give me. Basically, I'm wondering if my time as a Fulbright ETA will look to the selection committee like I'm unfocused. ETA grants are not as prestigious as research grants, which is fine beca
  9. Feeling really down about this Alternate status. My professors and the Fulbright advisor at my school have been encouraging and just angels following this bad news, but it's still rough. I applied for 10 things this year (7 grad schools, Fulbright, Jet, and Tapif). I've been rejected from 8, alternate at 1, and waiting to hear back from the last (and I don't even WANT it at this point!). Life goes on, but man, this is a bitter pill to swallow! sending good luck vibes to other alternates, and hey, if you got a grant to Malaysia that you don't want, feel free to pass it this way
  10. Got my email-- alternate darn it.
  11. THIS IS SO RELATABLE I'm working at a summer camp, so I'm covered through the end of August. After that, which continent will I live on? We don't know!
  12. We discussed this maybe a page before your comment, if you want to go back and see more answers. I, unlike @mckenna81, did disclose that I applied for Fulbright and am waiting to hear back. I only told jobs once I made it to the interview phase, and if I was specifically prompted with the question of what else I'm applying for. It has worked well for me, my top choice position has decided that they're not hiring anyone until I hear back from Malaysia (no pressure), which makes me think I'll have the job if I don't have the grant. If I was applying for places that I wouldn't go back to in
  13. I applied for a job I really, really want and told them during the interview that I am also a semi-finalist got Fulbright. I told them that if I get the grant, I will take it, but if I am an alternate or do not get the grant, I would love to work for them. I assured them that, should I sign a contract with them, I will honor that contract (even if I am an alternate and later pulled up from the list, I would then turn down the grant). They were really happy with this, and I believe they're holding off on making a decision on the new hire until I hear from Fulbright and let them know.
  14. For a specific country/region, or just in general? (fricken Malaysia notifying in mid-April, come onnnnn!!! Tell me where I'm living next year!!!!)
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