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  1. I wrote it out this way, too! My research interests lie in the intersections of gender, belief, and science in Europe during the Early to High Middle Ages. I have a particular interest in how the body functioned within these discourses in a broader geographical context. This is grounded in my more overarching interest in how cultural and scientific ideas migrated from place to place. Following along a similar methodological framework as Bartlett, I will use the cult of saints as a lens through which to view social and cultural history. At the same time, I will also following along avenues of scholarship of Katharine Park, approaching the body from a scientific perspective. In drawing from multi-disciplinary sources, including miracle accounts, literature, and art, I aim to marry science, religion, and culture in the context of the body. In exploring these themes through a transnational lens, I will exhibit the globality and multicultural nature of medieval Europe.
  2. I feel a little silly now- this is such a great description and I'm not sure how I didn't get their on my own. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the help, everyone! I decided to write down my research interests and ask my advisor to help me narrow/consolidate. I know that there's a common thread, but I can't quite put my finger on it right now. Here's the list, if anyone could impart some wisdom: Geographic: Italy, England, Iceland, Central Europe (esp. Bohemia) Temporal: Early Middle Ages to the Black Plague Methodological: Cultural, anthropological, social; use of material/visual culture Topics: Lay women and religion What role did religion have in the lives of women? How did religion inform the ways in which women navigated their world? Intersections between power, gender, and religion Queenship and princesses History of magic and the supernatural History of death and dead bodies The cultural practices and ideas surrounding death Rituals The cult of saints Using the cult of saints as a lens through which to view the social and cultural history of medieval Europe Building off work started by Robert Bartlett How did the cult of saints help shape cultural identities in Bohemia and encourage independence? Were cultural identities related to saints different based on gender? Intersection of medicine, society, and culture How did society and culture inform ideas and practices of medicine? How did ideas and practices of medicine inform society and culture? Social and cultural construction of the body Female bodies Ideas of power and ethnicity being represented by the body Visual representations of the body as shaping gender ideas How did global exchange through pilgrimage shape cultures, societies, and art? Using Canterbury, Rome, and Prague(?) as settings? History of the book and literary culture Troubadours and courtly love vs. “popular” forms of literature as they relate to women and as cultural forms Comparative look at Jewish and Christian cultural forms and daily life
  4. I haven't talked with her about this quite yet! It seems like a few go on to do their PhDs (my first contact was a PhD student at my undergrad who got her MA at Nova), but it doesn't seem to be a general rule. The teaching internship is something that I'm interested in for practical purposes- although my focus is primarily on research, a teaching internship will give me experience in teaching undergrads.
  5. It will not mean completing my MA sooner.
  6. I do want to do a PhD. Sorry, I should have clarified: "dead" at my program means that not many people (if anyone at all) in the program write theses in the program.
  7. Hello everyone! For my Theory & Methods course this semester, we have to compose a "plan of study," essentially outlining our intended field, classes we want to take, etc., and how the Masters degree will help us in our future endeavors. In thinking about this, two of my school's options came immediately to mind: the teaching internship and the thesis. I love the research process and genuinely enjoyed writing a thesis as an undergraduate. Unfortunately, the Masters thesis is considered dead in my program. By dead, I mean that very few (if any) students write a thesis. Should I still write a thesis, despite it being "dead"?
  8. This is great advice! I'm too much of a forward thinker, but being patient with my brain is going to be so helpful to keep me sane.
  9. Hey everyone! I'm currently in my Masters program and taking a seminar in my intended area of expertise (Medieval Europe), as well as working with my school's medievalist as her research assistant. I spent the summer learning languages and reading. In doing my own reading and then reading for my seminar, I've noticed that I've gotten more interests. While I've narrowed my temporal interests a little, my geographic and thematic interests have expanded. I wanted to use grad school to refine my interests, but it doesn't seem like it's happening. I'll be starting looking into PhD programs casually in the spring, but I'm not sure how to narrow down these interests, and I feel as though my current plan of "writing down every person I could possibly work with" is maybe not the best plan. Help?
  10. Shameless plug: have you looked into Villanova? Our Medievalist is phenomenal, and the program offers funding.
  11. My current program at Villanova University has a student specializing in Armenian history. 'Nova also has the option of a funded Masters program, so it's worth looking into.
  12. I had originally thought of starting looking this spring, after my first term is over, but some people I know in that application season have already started looking, so I was concerned.
  13. Hey all! I'm an incoming Masters student and will be applying to PhD programs for Fall 2021 entry. When should I start looking at programs/for suitable advisors?
  14. Just wanted to give everyone an update. I'm going to be taking Latin and German this fall (though I'm already working on both) and have been teaching myself French. I've been reading more independently, and have started to figure out what the heck I want to focus on. Geographically, Italy is my primary interest, with lesser interest in England, Bohemia, and the Balkan Peninsula. In terms of time, the High to Late Middle Ages and into the Renaissance/early modern period. Approach-wise, I want to explore visual and material culture, archeology, and anthropology, as well as social and cultural history. (I'll have the approaches more nailed down after my Theory & Methods course this fall). In terms of actual topics, the big question I have is "how did the presence and prevalence of disease shape medieval and early modern culture and society?" I'm still figuring out if I want to focus more on the medicinal or cultural aspects. I'm specifically interested in the way that disease shaped religious belief and practice, the cultural and social implication of disease on female bodies, the spread of ideas about disease, how disease affected daily life, and how ideas of diseases caused (or didn't cause) scapegoating of other religions or foreigners, especially in the borderlands. Thanks for your help, everyone!
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