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    contemporary classical, chamber, baroque, & piano music. exploring perception of temporality in music. learning German.
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    2019 Fall
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    MM Music Composition

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  1. futuredrb

    Chicago Artists

    Hey all, I currently live in Chicago and am staying at DePaul for my master's! (Music Composition '21) I think it would be awesome to meet some other musicians, artists, writers, etc etc in the city since we have such a cool arts scene! Anyone else either currently in or relocating to Chicago for grad school?
  2. futuredrb

    DMA/PhD Language Requirement

    I'm starting my master's in composition this upcoming fall, and want to get ahead on my language requirement. As far as I can tell, for DMA/PhD's, the requirements are reading proficiency. What's the best way to go around this? I've been Duolingo (not very religiously...) for German and French for a while now, and I plan on incorporating it into my daily school routine more. What are some other good ways/resources for meeting the language requirement? Thanks!
  3. I was the same way yesterday and I found out about funding today! It's almost like you can tell when the news is about to come, subconsciously or something.
  4. I got info on funding from my top school today from two separate emails. Found out my dog has cancer, so then finding out my Master's is fully funded is an absolute dream come true today and much-needed good news. I was on the phone both times when I got the news today - first with my mom, checking my email and responding to a professor, and then with my best friend this evening.
  5. futuredrb

    Music Fall 2019 applicants

    Heard back from my top school about funding - full ride!! Hitting the commit button and celebrating this weekend!! Now I can relax and enjoy the end of undergrad. Best of luck to everyone still waiting, I wish the best for you all!
  6. futuredrb

    Continuing @ same school undergrad -> master's

    I'm going to go for my DMA (music) but my university doesn't offer one, and I'd want to go to somewhere else to work with new faculty and be in a new environment anyway! Thanks!
  7. futuredrb

    Music Fall 2019 applicants

    Got a no from University of Illinois yesterday, which I'm very fine with.
  8. futuredrb

    how old are you?

    I'm 22, finishing undergrad and starting my MM in the fall
  9. futuredrb

    Continuing @ same school undergrad -> master's

    Awesome, thank you! there are so many awesome opportunities and I'm always seeking more so I'm excited about it.
  10. Hey all, I transferred to my current university as an incoming junior and stayed on track, which was kind of a miracle. I'm finishing my undergrad now and will be staying at the same school because it is a fantastic environment for me and I love my mentor who I will work with for the next two years. I feel like I really came into my own here this year (as a senior) because the transition was very difficult. How, if at all, should I change between being an undergrad and a grad student in the same program mostly surrounded by the same people (with one new professor next year, whichever incoming freshmen/major changes, and possibly another grad student)? I already am working towards being a student leader in our studio and my mentor has told me how great he thinks that is. Do I need to do anything differently next year? Thanks!
  11. futuredrb

    Music Fall 2019 applicants

    Just got accepted to my top choice school with info on funding coming later this month, but there's money! I'm ECSTATIC!!!
  12. I just got accepted to my top school (where I'm currently finishing my undergrad) and got the email notification after having a really good but emotionally intense meeting with my current mentor (who will be my mentor for the next two years now too!) so this was a very very welcome notice!! I'm so excited!!!!!
  13. futuredrb

    Grad. School Supplies?

    Thanks for the awesome lists, everybody! I'm looking at getting a new iPad and was wondering if any grad students have a good way to get a deal. I know Apple offers an educational discount or sometimes gives you headphones (I'm hoping they do an Apple Pen bonus before the start of next school year). Any advice or tips? I'm looking at the current iPad Pro and Apple Pen.
  14. futuredrb

    Post here to get your worries off your chest

    This is such a great thread!! Worries: I'm nervous about funding from my top school, which is the school where I'm currently finishing my undergrad. Thankfully I can get a tuition discount, an assistantship, and hopefully have more opportunities in the city that will offset potentially higher tuition. Excitement: I'm so excited to finally be able to say I'm staying here for another two years. I feel like I'm in the middle of something very important in my work and development with a mentor who means so much to me and my work. He told me about two other opportunities he wants me to have in the coming years that are both VERY exciting. I'm looking forward to having the process done with! Also hopefully getting acceptances from other schools could help get more funding from this school.
  15. I was getting back from class and setting up to write for the afternoon. Had my laptop open and was doing something (getting my notebook, checking my phone, whatever) when my email pinged. I had been expecting a reply from a professor so was thinking it was that but it was my first acceptance notification!! Completely unexpected and it was so exciting!! And it was nice that it happened in the middle of the day as opposed to very early or very late.

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