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  1. Well, didn't get the Fulbright this time around! I have a possible job offer or two coming soon--so when one door closes, I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. I got to semifinalist status! Seems like it was a competitive year.
  3. I forgot about this, sorry! I did get feedback from her. It was mostly that the works I used in the historiography section were too "broad" and not focused on the exact time and place as my work--so I may have unconvincingly tried to argue that the works I used were broad because there were very few works pertaining specifically to the project at hand. (There were also some structure comments, though she had praised the structure of the rough draft). I decided to workshop the paper, and I'm going to be submitting it for publication. Ideally, she won't get upset with me for publishing with
  4. With this professor, writing something to make her happy is the only way to get any kind of positive feedback. 😕 It's a well-documented problem with her and something that I was warned about.
  5. I did a lot of revision, especially in the historiography/methodology/etc., which were her main critiques, and she at least seemed happy with the historiography when I ran it past her. At this point, I'm nervous that my analysis of my sources wasn't as strong as I thought, even though her comments were mostly "good" and "yes" at specific points. 😕
  6. This is mostly a rant. I’m a second-year master’s student in history, specifically focusing on medieval history. There’s one medievalist professor in the department and she’s my advisor. She’s always been kind of an absentee advisor, and she has never really encouraged me to present or publish. When I expressed interest in doing individual research, she encouraged it at first and didn’t do anything since. I’ve also had her as a professor, once my first year and once my second. In the first class I took with her, I got a B+. Which is fair—I didn’t really get the importance of participation
  7. Yeah, I heard they were trying to send people in January, but... we'll see. Where are you applying?
  8. Is anyone else applying for a Fulbright? I'm wondering if we could have a small group chat of historians applying this cycle.
  9. Would someone be willing to give their thoughts on my Fulbright statement of grant purpose? It is a little over 2 pages long and is for a history research award.
  10. Hello! Anyone else in the process of the Fulbright app? I submitted mine to my school yesterday. I'm a second-year MA student studying European History, and I'm applying for a research award in the Czech Republic. I'm having so much anxiety already and I haven't even had my Campus Committee Meeting. 😬
  11. Not sure how helpful this is, but University of Toronto plans to accept a F21 cohort. As does Penn's Religious Studies program.
  12. I hadn't seen this yet, so I figured that I would make one! I'm a second-year Master's student, studying European History, and I'm applying for an Open Research Award in the Czech Republic. I just submitted my application to my school and I am freaking out about not having a chance. The Czech Republic has a relatively small application pool, but with Covid and finalists re-applying, I'm scared that I won't be a semi-finalist, much less a finalist. My profile is: Second year Master's student at a top producer (my school had the 4th highest number of Fulbrighters in 2019) Czech
  13. Hello! I am trying to start writing my statements of purpose, but I feel a bit stuck. Originally, I had gone straight into my interests ("At [School], I plan to study..."). I have also been told that starting with a brief anecdote that relates to how I became interested in what I want to research. My first thought, anecdote-wise, was seeing my female friends at my Catholic undergraduate school form their devotional lives and identified with certain saints, and then placing that historically through my academic reading. I feel like this may be okay for religious studies applications, but n
  14. Haha, jinx! I heard about NYU History from two people in my program, though I am not sure if that is true or not. I have heard from Fordham, Toronto, and Penn Religious Studies faculty that it should not be an issue, but I just emailed my potential programs to confirm. FWIW, a professor at Yale recommended Medieval Studies to me, as it was smaller and would likely not be as affected by budgetary constraints. Nevertheless, I sent out emails, and will be trying like hell to win my Fulbright.
  15. I am not sure the veracity, but two people in my program have told me that NYU History is not accepting students for Fall 2021.
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