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  1. I had already communicated the info about Oxford-- after which they offered me a spot in the program, but I can't defer the spot for a year. The offer they gave was for 26,000/year + 4,000 in summer funding each year. Which seems to be par for the course in their department, after talking with other grad students in the history department. They've only given me 24 hours to decide, but I think I'm going to accept the offer. Berkeley's a great program, and I've gotten much better vibes from faculty and students at Berkeley than from those I've spoken with at Oxford.
  2. So, this is still an open question. I haven't received the formal offer (I think I'll be getting it in the morning), so I think my decision will come down to whether or not they actually offer me a livable amount.
  3. I *just* received an offer from Berkeley from their waitlist. I am absolutely thrilled, but also extremely stressed. I don't have the funding details yet, just word from my POI that I'd be receiving the official offer either tonight or tomorrow. I had really gotten ready to take the Oxford offer and vibe in England for a year. But now I have a real decision to make! It's very stressful but I feel extremely lucky to have these choices, after everything that's happened this year. If anyone has any advice, I'd welcome it.
  4. I'm still technically on Berkeley's waitlist, but I received word that they don't expect to be taking anyone off this year (one more spot til they hit their target cohort size with several offers still out). Definitely disappointed as I really enjoyed all of the conversations I had in the department, but I unexpectedly received full funding to go to Oxford for my masters (after applying mostly as a joke, because I know masters funding is so rare). I'm waiting to see whether some outside funding I received makes any difference for Berkeley (though I don't expect it will). Hopefully having a mas
  5. Did anyone applying to any of the history MSt programs at Oxford? They said decisions would be released in 8-10 weeks, and I'm being interviewed for a fellowship that would fund my graduate study there, but I haven't even heard a decision on my application yet. I haven't seen anything on the results page either, but I wasn't sure if anyone else knows anything about when to expect those results.
  6. How often do faculty members at schools that rejected you reach out to compliment your application? I've gotten emails from multiple people in the same department telling me that I had a great application and they were sorry they couldn't offer me a place. I hadn't been in touch with any of them before, so I really never expected to hear anything after I was rejected because I had absolutely no relationship to the department or to any faculty member. Has anyone else had any similar interactions with faculty members this year? I kinda don't know what to say because obviously I'm grateful
  7. Okay so, some news I'm trying to make sense of. I'm up for a fellowship through my school worth 35,000, which would cover a year of a hypothetical PhD program. However, I can only accept the money if I am enrolled next year in a graduate program-- I can't defer it for a year if I end up having to reapply. So now I'm in a scenario where I could win the fellowship but not actually get the money without an offer, and right now I'm stuck in waitlist limbo. Would a year of outside funding be a compelling reason to help get a spot off of a waitlist? I know the cohort size was cut because of fu
  8. Thinking a lot of thoughts and feeling a lot of feelings right now. I did not receive any offers this year— I was waitlisted at Berkeley, and rejected everywhere else. I technically haven’t heard from Princeton yet, though I assume rejection at this point. I did however just receive an extremely thoughtful and affirming email from a POI at another school. She wrote to tell me that I had one of the strongest applications she had ever read, but my area of interest was outside of the department’s target for the year. She is now the second POI to reject me personally who said they hoped I wa
  9. Just got waitlisted at Berkelely. Having very mixed feelings about this. Berkelely was my top choice, and I'm certainly glad they didn't reject me outright, but It's still upsetting news to receive, especially since I am currently stuck in mandatory quarantine and away from all of my friends and family. I am still waiting to hear back from four other schools, but I was wondering when it's appropriate to reach out to the faculty members I spoke with at Berkeley for more info on the waitlist (ranked? by field? # of people? can I even ask these question?) and on the program (funding info, e
  10. My POI at Berkeley said they were hoping for 2-4 Americanists in their 8/9 person cohort this year, so that seems fairly consistent at most schools this year. What has been somewhat unclear to me about the news I've seen out of Harvard (I heard they were aiming for 2 or maybe 3 Americanists from their cohort) is whether they are admitting 6 people, or are aiming for a cohort of 6 people. Are schools assuming, due to the competitiveness of apps this year, that almost no one-- or fewer students-- will turn them down? A related question to these small cohort sizes: do any current grad (or fo
  11. FWIW, I'm a late nineteenth century americanist and I was interviewed over a week ago. But my interviewer made it sound as though an interview wasn't an essential part of the admissions process, just a process they're formalizing a bit more this year. I wouldn't try to predict the future based on what other people have experienced, just wait until they send out decisions. Graduate admissions in the humanities is far from an exact science, and this year has thrown everything off, so I would not stress about this or make assumptions based on historical patterns. Also, no matter what happens
  12. I'm another one of the Berkeley posters. The person I spoke with didn't really ask me any questions about my research. It was really just an opportunity to clarify questions about the department, and we spent a while talking about the state of the field and some research interests that didn't take center stage in my application. SO it was more of a conversation than an interview. I think it's up to the POI how they chose to guide the conversation, but It might be worth thinking less about your own research and more about smart questions you can ask them about Berkeley. There's lots of goo
  13. Some good news to come from the start of 2021: I just heard from my POI at Berkelely, asking to schedule an interview. He said that the department asked faculty to interview the "most promising candidates," and he had some nice things to say about my application, so this feels like an encouraging sign! I get the sense that this is more casual than some of the high-stakes fellowship interviews I've done before, so if anyone has suggestions or advice I would love to hear it. Also, I know that most schools don't interview, but does anyone have an idea of other schools that normally do?
  14. I second this, and I'll add that all but one (?) school I applied to I think had a deadline of 5pm EST. So that might be a safer bet that 11:59pm.
  15. Yes, this is what I was worried about. Thanks for the heads up!
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