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  1. I didn't apply to to the spanish and portuguese program at Yale this year, but I did last year and I did an interview (but ultimately did not get in). Last year, I received an email invitation for an interview on January 18th and had my interview on January 24th, and then received my rejection on January 31st. So judging by the timeline from last year, im assuming Yale has already completed their interviews and should have already made their decisions by this point.
  2. huge congrats! that's so exciting! What do you research? As I said earlier I was admitted to the University of Michigan in the spanish literature phd program with full funding for 6 years. I will be attending their open house march 4-5. Still waiting to hear back from the university of chicago and ucla. I think at this point it's same to assume I didnt get into chicago, but my contact in the department at ucla said they should send out acceptances mid February.
  3. Thanks! No, I didn’t have any interviews before I was accepted at Michigan. I also know that UCLA does not conduct interviews either. Which schools have you applied to and have you heard back from any? also what are your research interests?
  4. hello all! I just received an email earlier this morning at 6:03am PST for an offer of admission to the University of Michigan! The offer letter included funding for 6 years. Can't believe I was admitted I'm still in shock. I received an email from admissions last Wednesday from the university of chicago saying that they've already made decisions for admission, so im assuming they're already starting to send out acceptance emails. Im currently a masters student at UCLA and I know professors in the spanish and portuguese department and I was informed decisions will most likely be made around middle of February. Good luck to anyone else who is still waiting to hear back!
  5. @fiddleleaf31congrats on the acceptance! That’s a huge accomplishment! What subfield are you?
  6. @BalkanItinerantwhen the results list "american" or "international", what does that mean? is that where the applicant is from or their subfield?
  7. @BalkanItinerantwow they’re doing this so early!
  8. @BW2i had an interview with 3 professors at Berkeley and I emailed all 3 of them to thank them for giving me the opportunity to interview with them and discuss my work. So I would email all 4 of them.
  9. @APya that makes a lot of sense. When I spoke to a POI from Harvard back in September, they told me that they don't expect Harvard to ever go back to pre covid acceptance numbers, and sort of hinted that it was due to the fact that there aren't many jobs out there, so it would be, as you said, irresponsible to continue admitting the same number of students as before.
  10. @wynntirI agree! I wouldn't go in with that mentality either. I definitely didn't going into my berkeley interview with that mentality. I prepared a lot for it! I didn't mean to suggest that one shouldn't go in prepared, just offered a suggestion as an answer to the person's question.
  11. @Imperatorhard to say. I didnt have an interview with Columbia, but I did with Berkeley, and it was very informal. My guess? if it's informal, sounds like you've basically gotten in and they just want to make sure you are the same person that submitted the application and that you aren't a total jerk haha. If the POI said it was formal, then I would assume it would be a final round interview and they're doing a formal interview to see who is serious. btw, nice username lol
  12. @Kankabatir_tireyI applied to UCI, but for history. Perhaps for anthro they start sending out acceptances in the second week of january, but for history they normally send them out the second week of February, right around the 14th. There is an anthropology subthread that might be more helpful in providing updates for UCI Irvine anthro applicants if you're interested.
  13. @timurdidnothingwrongya the POI said that when COVID first hit in 2020 they drastically reduced the amount of ppl they accepted into the program that cycle and they said that it looks like the history department isn't planning on going back to admitting the amount of students they used to accept into the program pre covid. Btw, I dont remember if you mentioned this before, but what is your subfield?
  14. @timurdidnothingwrongno problem! I guessed this based on a similar situation thats happening at Harvard. Back in september i spoke to a POI via zoom and she said that they're going to be accepting 1 MAYBE 2 people per subfield, and she actually encouraged me to apply to the African and African American Studies PhD program because she thought my odds of getting admitted there might be better. I still ended up applying to Harvard's History program and not AAFAM. So we'll see what ends up happening. But i would echo @flowersandcoffeeand say this is all a positive sign!
  15. @timurdidnothingwrongi think it would be entirely appropriate to respond back and say that you would be interested but you would have to look into it more, and then ask why they want to transfer you over to religious studies. my guess about why they seemingly have a sudden change of heart about you applying to history? The professors really want you in the history department but perhaps they recently determined they aren’t going to be accepting any students in your subfield, so they’re hoping if they transfer you to religious studies, you will have a much better chance of being admitted. And because it’s a “studies” program, you can choose your area of focus in history (this is what my religious studies friend is doing for his PhD at Stanford) and you can still work with those two professors. But ya I would definitely ask why they want to transfer you.
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