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  1. Tbh, it is really weird to me that one can nail 6 advanced methods courses while getting a 153 in the quant section. I would seriously consider retaking GRE as one might start to question the academic rigor of your program.
  2. Notre Dame has Perez-Linan and Coppedge now and Scott Mainwaring will be returning next year. Seems like a no brainer for me...
  3. Insider information(not me) Admits were out on Monday.
  4. I think this is not an adequate forum for discussion about professional programs.
  5. Your chance is highly contingent upon how the adcom contexualizes your situation...UWM is a top 15 program so a 146Q is unlikely to be above the threshold. For other schools, I think your lack of research experience is another major hurdle. The best strategy is to get one of your recommenders to explain it for you, in addition to mention it by yourself in application.
  6. Cornell-Pepinsky UMich-Slater Slater's work is not heavily quant but my take is that your 154 GRE-Q might keep you out of most programs...it is a threshold.
  7. Not a theorist but my piece of advice would be that do not identify yourself on these online forums...
  8. Hey guys! I will be applying for PhD programs in social sciences next cycle. However, I have four W's (withdrawals) on my transcript. One W is a cinema class and the other one is a music class...I late-dropped them because I really don't like the course material...I have also dropped two math classes, one of which was taken during a study abroad program (for logistical reasons I could not participate in the final exam so I had to drop it). Do you think this will hurt my chance of getting admitted? Other than the 4 W's, I have a solid GPA at a pretty rigorous school. Thank you guys in adv
  9. @krapp @Determinedandnervous@PoliticalOrder Thanks for your advice!
  10. It is a little bit off-topic but what about HKS and Gtown's SFS? I just realized that many professors at Harvard and Gtown whom I want to study with only hold positions in HKS and SFS (Tarek Masoud at Harvard, Joseph Sassoon at SFS, to name a few). Should I apply for the public policy PHD program at those schools or...?(And SFS doesn't even have a PHD program offering...)
  11. Is there anyone willing to evaluate my profile? Your help will be appreciated...
  12. Hi guys, I am an international student who will be applying for PHD programs next year. I was wondering if any of you would like to evaluate my profile. Do I have a shot at some top 10 or top 20 programs? Thank you so much! Undergrad: Top 10 National Liberal arts college in the U.S. Major: Political Science, Statistics Undergrad GPA: 3.8 overall, GPA for PoliSci is 3.83 (aiming for a departmental honor for thesis and gpa), GPA for stats is 3.75. GRE: 169/170/5 Language(s): Chinese(native), English, French(C1), Arabic(High intermediate)
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