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  1. Does anyone (CP) plan to decline their Northwestern offer? Got waitlisted there ?
  2. When is Northwestern’s visit? Anyone knows?
  3. Hi everyone! So we talked a little bit about visitation weekends on other threads and we mostly discussed what to ask POIs, DGSs or how to dress up. However, if I am not mistaken, we never touched upon what should we not talk about during these visits. I am asking both admitted students from last years and this year that what should we be careful about discussing. For example, should we compare our financial packages with other students or should we talk about current policy issues and so on. Please feel free to respond and ask your questions about what to avoid talking about during these
  4. It is so frustrating that they send rejections on weekends and one by one ? still waiting
  5. You probably won’t receive anything formal but some POIs might email during the weekend to tell you got in.
  6. Can someone please ask the DGS of Northwestern when they will send the rejections? Need closure
  7. Yeah same here ? they are not responsive
  8. Did any of you Texas admits receive word on funding?
  9. The forum has been really slow lately. Are people bored of writing or visiting here?
  10. I am not going. Why do they have to do it on a Monday smh?
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