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  1. theprincessleia

    Urbana-Champaign, IL

    Does anyone have any recommendations for where to go in the area for reasonably priced furniture, a good mattress, etc. ?
  2. theprincessleia

    2017-2018 Application Cycle

    Congrats! I'll see you in the Fall
  3. theprincessleia

    2017-18 Cycle Profiles and Advice Thread

    PROFILE: Type of Undergrad Institution: Small private liberal arts college in the US Major(s)/Minor(s): Major: Political Science/Minors:Public Health & Public Policy Undergrad GPA:3.5 Type of Grad:None Grad GPA:None GRE: 159V, 151Q, 4.5W (really crap) Any Special Courses: 8 credit course + internship at State House (if that counts) Letters of Recommendation: 3 political science professors and 1 from employer Research Experience: 1 summer program at Columbia (political science) Teaching Experience: None Subfield/Research Interests: public opinion, political behavior, public policy Other: semester internship at Harvard (public opinion/polio), 1 and half years research experience at non-profit (healthcare transparency), presented at 3 symposiums RESULTS: Acceptances($$ or no $$): UIUC (PhD $$), American (MA in IR, Partial $$), Boston College (MA, no info on funding) Waitlists: Rejections: Columbia (PhD), American (PhD), Brown (PhD), UMich (PhD), UChicago (PhD), George Washington (PhD), Boston College (PhD), Brandeis (PhD) Pending: Northeastern Going to: UIUC LESSONS LEARNED: -GRE scores: I'm sure my low GRE scores kept me out of a lot of top programs as I sort of expected. I took a Kaplan class and had GRE books but didn't take a test until at least a year later (because life). Definitely don't wait too long after studying material and devote your time to studying the GRE months in advance. Though I did spend a few months studying, time was definitely still an issue, so practice taking timed tests, especially if you're not a standardized test person. Kaplan offers free online courses/timed practice tests. If UIUC wasn't one of my top choices, I would probably spend the rest of the year studying to improve my GRE scores. -Coursework: I didn't take many quant courses as an undergrad (only took stat 101 and pre-calc). If you're an undergrad/grad student, definitely take more quant courses & any methodology courses if possible. Grades are important but also seek research opportunities if possible. -Fit: As I've been told, I think fit is one of the most important aspects about your application. I did try to apply broadly but there were many professors who's work didn't exactly align with mine. I'm not sure that there needs to be an exact fit but I think the better the fit, the higher your chances. I think it's great to apply to top schools but also keep in mind your overall fit with a professor or professors and the department. -Recommendation letters Ask for recommendation letters from professors who really know you and can speak to your growth, strengths, etc. I asked a professor who saw me do poorly in one of their classes but bounce right back the next semester. I had also taken a few classes that I did relatively well in with the other 2 professors that I asked. I also asked my employer to write a recommendation for me for a few of the applications. Though this is usually not required for PhDs, I asked because I work in research position. -Backup plan Have a backup plan. As a backup, I asked to be considered for the MA program on my PhD applications (some schools ask this). SOP: Slightly customized for each application. I basically talked about what got me interested in research, broad research topics I'm interested in, why I decided to work after undergrad, and then about the program/professors. PM me for more detail.
  4. theprincessleia

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    I feel the same way. I took time off to work after my undergrad since I graduated a year early because, I thought that I could gain some more research experience and professional development (which I did, to an extent) and I thought it would make me feel more ready (whatever that means) but, I think I'm more terrified now since I was actually accepted to one of my top choices. It feels so unreal. I have this awful fear that I'll get one of those calls that my acceptance was a mistake. Though, with a campus visit coming up soon, my acceptance feels more and more real. I am also terrified that I won't be good enough or that I'll be a disappointment. I'll also be moving away to another state that I've never been to (yet), where I don't have any family or friends. I've never been in that situation before and even though I haven't even left yet, I already feel so alone. I am so excited to start but at the same time, I am so afraid.
  5. theprincessleia

    UIUC Political Science PhD Fall 2018

    Excited to get to know everyone else who's been admitted into the Political Science PhD program! Anyone going to visit the campus April 2-4?
  6. theprincessleia

    Post-admission visits/open house, professor meetings

    bumping this post.. I'll be vising a school soon as well and any insight anyone has about what to expect would be great
  7. theprincessleia

    Urbana-Champaign, IL

    bumping this post.. can anyone recommend any 1-bed apartments under $700?
  8. theprincessleia

    Strike Imminent: University of Illinois

    That's awesome! Congrats on the new contract. very happy to hear the good news. i'm looking forward to a campus visit next month
  9. theprincessleia

    2017-2018 Application Cycle

    Thanks so much!
  10. theprincessleia

    2017-2018 Application Cycle

    Thanks! My subfield is american politics
  11. theprincessleia

    2017-2018 Application Cycle

    Yes!! I'm so excited! I received an unofficial acceptance 2 days ago and now waiting for my official letter. Best of luck to you
  12. theprincessleia

    Strike Imminent: University of Illinois

    I'm also in the same boat. UIUC is my top choice at the moment and I was offered admission with an award with the combo of a tuition waiver and fellowship/TA/RA guaranteed for 4 years subject to satisfactory progress. Not sure if I could still be affected by the elimination of tuition waivers.. Side note: If you don't mind me asking, how are students currently managing their finances with all of this going on?
  13. theprincessleia

    Urbana-Champaign, IL

    Hey everyone, I just got accepted to UIUC and planning a visit in April. I'm coming from Boston and it will be my first time in the Midwest.. Anyone have any recommendations for 1-bed apartments for me to check out when I visit? I'm looking to spend no more than $700 and ideally have utilities included.
  14. theprincessleia

    Does this mean I have been accepted?

    I got an email asking to call to discuss my application status and the program.. what does this mean?!
  15. theprincessleia

    2017-2018 Application Cycle


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