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  1. I just took my general comprehensive exam a few weeks ago and my oral defense is coming up in a week. The written portion of the exam was pretty tough and I am more confident about the first question compared to the second. I'm really nervous about the oral defense and I'm planning on writing out what I would've changed if I could go back, but I'm not sure if that's enough. It'd be great if I could have the writing center take a look to see if my argument answered the questions/overall clarity but I'm not sure that it's allowed. Does anyone have any other tips to prepare?
  2. Does anyone have any recommendations for where to go in the area for reasonably priced furniture, a good mattress, etc. ?
  3. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad Institution: Small private liberal arts college in the US Major(s)/Minor(s): Major: Political Science/Minors:Public Health & Public Policy Undergrad GPA:3.5 Type of Grad:None Grad GPA:None GRE: 159V, 151Q, 4.5W (really crap) Any Special Courses: 8 credit course + internship at State House (if that counts) Letters of Recommendation: 3 political science professors and 1 from employer Research Experience: 1 summer program at Columbia (political science) Teaching Experience: None Subfield/Research Interests: public opinion, political behavior, public policy Other: se
  4. I feel the same way. I took time off to work after my undergrad since I graduated a year early because, I thought that I could gain some more research experience and professional development (which I did, to an extent) and I thought it would make me feel more ready (whatever that means) but, I think I'm more terrified now since I was actually accepted to one of my top choices. It feels so unreal. I have this awful fear that I'll get one of those calls that my acceptance was a mistake. Though, with a campus visit coming up soon, my acceptance feels more and more real. I am also terrified
  5. Excited to get to know everyone else who's been admitted into the Political Science PhD program! Anyone going to visit the campus April 2-4?
  6. bumping this post.. I'll be vising a school soon as well and any insight anyone has about what to expect would be great
  7. bumping this post.. can anyone recommend any 1-bed apartments under $700?
  8. That's awesome! Congrats on the new contract. very happy to hear the good news. i'm looking forward to a campus visit next month
  9. Yes!! I'm so excited! I received an unofficial acceptance 2 days ago and now waiting for my official letter. Best of luck to you
  10. I'm also in the same boat. UIUC is my top choice at the moment and I was offered admission with an award with the combo of a tuition waiver and fellowship/TA/RA guaranteed for 4 years subject to satisfactory progress. Not sure if I could still be affected by the elimination of tuition waivers.. Side note: If you don't mind me asking, how are students currently managing their finances with all of this going on?
  11. Hey everyone, I just got accepted to UIUC and planning a visit in April. I'm coming from Boston and it will be my first time in the Midwest.. Anyone have any recommendations for 1-bed apartments for me to check out when I visit? I'm looking to spend no more than $700 and ideally have utilities included.
  12. I got an email asking to call to discuss my application status and the program.. what does this mean?!
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