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  1. A few questions on visit days: - Are these more of a laid-back affair, or are we expected to be prepared? For instance, I haven't read any of the faculty research in detail. I was just planning on doing a lot of listening and little talking. - What sorts of questions should we ask during one on one meetings? My baseline expectation is that I'll just ask about the professor's current research, is this about right? Any summaries, tips, or insight on post-admissions visit days / faculty meetings appreciated. Just want to know what to expect.
  2. For the Johns Hopkins biostats PhD, if you haven't been invited for an interview yet, is it safe to say you're not admitted?
  3. A lot of political science people with completed PhDs from top schools complain about how hard it is to get a job in academia (a full-time TT role). If you think you feel bad now, imagine putting in 5-8 years of work (including some initial teaching experience) and feeling like it was all for nothing - no job, and you've wasted almost a decade of your life. Without knowing anything about your background, I'd say you should cut and run and get a job in industry. Barely getting into a top 40 program is not necessarily a recipe for success. I might be wrong, for example, if you actually
  4. I'm curious about this as well, especially for those in the methods camp. Brush up on linear algebra, real analysis, ... ? Any insights?
  5. Hehehe I'm surprised the name was available.
  6. Is NYU done sending acceptances? Does anyone have any clue as to whether they would stagger their admission emails ?
  7. Can you admits from Princeton post your subfield? Assuming they're sending the subfields out in waves, it would be helpful to know.
  8. Can some enterprising go-getter email/call em and corroborate these admits? The "results" page on this website is 50% BS hehe.
  9. Hmm seems like a batch of rejections from Wisconsin, any admits?
  10. Perhaps I overestimated the unique-ness of going to work in the financial industry for 4 years, then getting a Master's in Statistics and wanting to do a PhD in Poli Sci, but these facts have ramifications. I spent a significant amount of time doing things that aren't at all related to politics. Furthermore, my letters of recommendation will be coming from statisticians, not political scientists. My research experience in the social sciences is scant. I guess I'm just looking for a profile evaluation given my background and interests. Apologies if I didn't demonstrate enough atypicality.
  11. Goal: Getting into a poli sci PhD program with a focus on political economy and methods My plan is to continue building a quant/qualitative tool set, with the end goal of attacking societal questions of interest in a way that blends an understanding of economics and politics. Ideally, I'd like to approach things from an unconventional point of view (which in my case means questioning the status quo and conventional politics - I don't mean Marxist). Some topics could include: inequality, distribution, regulation, interest groups. My background: Masters in statistics from an Ivy-i
  12. Hello, I've almost completed a MA in statistics at a well-regarded university (though not top 20 in statistics), and I'm applying to PhD programs this fall. Background: GRE: Verbal 167 ; Quant 166 (scored 170 v/162 q my first testing with minimal prep); Writing 5 GPA: 4.0 in my masters so far with 2 more courses to go Extras: 4 years working as an analyst in industry, a social science research/data analysis position over the summer Coursework: 3 courses or so in probability theory / mathematical statistics, the rest geared towards applied methods in data science Interest
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