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  1. Many (maybe most?) programs look at your highest score for each section of the GRE regardless of the distribution of these scores across attempts. In other words, you should be able to submit the scores from both tests, and the program would consider your overall scores to be 161(V), 170(Q), and 4.5(W).
  2. Claiming a last minute admit to UIUC for comparative!
  3. I saw that posted in results and was hoping it was you that received the good news; congratulations! Best of luck to you!
  4. I received an e-mail today notifying me that I have been wait listed at Maryland.
  5. I'm very excited! I received an e-mail. I hope you get some good news in the coming days.
  6. I received an informal notification of admission a few hours ago with a formal offer expected to be sent out later this week.
  7. Claiming an additional Columbia rejection. I can't say I'm not a bit bummed, but at least they did not delay rejections. I can also claim acceptances at the University of Tennessee and the University of Alabama, both of which are funded offers. I'm still holding out for UIUC, Maryland, and JHU as well as a few master's programs I applied to for the sake of opportunity diversity. Congratulations to everyone who has received good news this week! For those of you that struck out, I'm certain you will find success; don't give up.
  8. Really hoping I hear positive news from them in the next hour or so. They're my presumptive last best hope.
  9. Same =/ but we still have a ways to go. Have hope my friend.
  10. Looking at the previous cycle it seems that there were a few acceptances that came in first and then a larger batch a few days later. Maybe we still have hope
  11. This is hilarious; last night I dreamed I was admitted to UC-Irvine and I didn't apply there.
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